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Canon is a popular brand for scanners and printers, and for computers that serve both functions. Both home users and office users rely on Canon multifunction printers to meet their day-to-day paper needs, whether digital scanning or printing. A well-maintained Canon printer would provide years of service without relying on the repair of Canon printers. On occasion, however, users can encounter an error that disables the functions of a Canon MP Series printer.

Canon Pixma is one of those multifunction printers that run into frequent errors. Worry not, there are two ways to resolve common issues in the Canon printer, including manually restarting the printer and doing the same through a computer system.

Steps to reset your Canon Printer

Turn on Canon Pixma or any MP Series printer, press and hold the Reset button, and at the same time do the same for the Color Start button. After that, wait five seconds and release the last button, then release the first button. Wait until the Canon printer starts to configure. It would take about 20 seconds.

After that, the printer display would show 1. Suppose you see this number, press and hold the Tool button that will display A on the printer display. Press and hold Reset simultaneously when clicking the Tool button. Wait until the Canon printer shows flashing lights and release the Tool button and reset the switch.

Steps to Hard Reset the Canon Printer

Printer Problems In Windows
Common Printer Issues

Shut down your Windows PC and turn off the Canon printer by pressing the power button. Then disconnect the power cord at the back of the printer and remove the USB cable or parallel cable which connects the printer with the device. Remove the cable interface from both devices. Then connect the parallel or USB cable to the printer. Make sure there are no loose connections in future so that the printer will not go offline. Connect the other end of the cable interface to the computer, too.

Now turn on the Canon printer and the PC only after the printer is powered. Then click Start desktop and browse Control Panel > Printers and Faxes. Double-click the Canon icon in that list and click the Print menu. Choose Properties from this menu and click Print Test Page to see if it’s back in order.


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