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Sometimes a spreadsheet doesn’t print correctly, maybe because you did a portrait of it instead of printing it in landscape mode. Maybe the file area wasn’t printed, or perhaps it took more paper to print than needed. No matter what went wrong, the following tips will help you prevent a variety of printing issues in this method. We use Excel 365 for this guide, but almost every piece of advice in it relates to the previous two versions of Excel. If you find problems in the printout, follow these steps before the next time you print the spreadsheet.

How to Check the Orientation

Look at the Orientation of the text before printing it. To check the landscape, you will need to take a look at the normal Orientation, press the Page Layout tab, and select Orientation. Then, check the margins of the page by selecting the Margins next to the Orientation. To minimize the total number of printouts, choose Small, or choose Custom Margins and configure the values you want. Leave some space for your margins while at it.

How to Put a Page Break in Place

An Excel sheet with several columns or rows can be separated into the wrong field after you print it out. Use the break to solve this. To make a horizontal break, choose the row in which you need to split the printout. Use the entire column to vertical position one. Then, at Page Layout, select Breaks and choose Insert Page Break. To get rid of this, select the corresponding column or lines, press Breaks, and choose Remove Page Break. In case you need to get rid of a lot of page breaks, there is a possibility to reset all of these under the Breaks section.

How to View Preview

You see it to get an idea of what the printout is going to look like. Press Ctrl and F2 keys simultaneously to access the Print mode in which you can preview your document. You can switch between preview pages after that. Once you’re done, just press the top left arrow to go back to the standard view.

How to set or clear the print area of the spreadsheet

When the document is improperly printed, setting or removing this area can help to fix it. If you haven’t set the right print area, you ‘d like to delete it. To do this, select Print Area under Page Layout and choose Clear Print Area.


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