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Computer printers are one of the most essential and useful electronic devices out there. Many companies rely heavily on this electronic gadget to fulfill their work needs. This is because computer printers make it easy for businesses to print documents in a usable format. HP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer printers, and millions of users worldwide use HP printers.

Most HP printers deliver reliable and satisfactory performance and help customers print tons of documents every day. And, just like any other electronic device, HP printers often face problems from time to time. HP printer that doesn’t print anything is one of the annoying HP printer issues that affect thousands of users.

Issues like HP printer that don’t print anything can indeed be annoying when you’re in an emergency, but simple troubleshooting steps can quickly resolve them. Unfortunately, several computer users do not know how to perform these HP printer troubleshooting tasks. In such a scenario, it’s best to contact our printer support technicians, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Below are some of the can HP printer issues you can encounter with your HP printer. As has been said, these can be resolved quickly if you follow the steps outlined here to the end. Again, it’s always better to rely on the support of printer tech experts if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are one of the most common issues with HP printers. Paper jam is a term used to describe a condition in which printing materials (which may or may not be paper) are stored or trapped in a computer printer. Users who have witnessed this printer error will not be able to eject or disable printing material. This ensures that your whole printing business will be halted if you encounter paper jams.

If you do not clean and maintain your printer regularly, or if you accidentally use a wrong type of document, you can experience this HP printer issue. However, using the appropriate type of paper and cleaning your printer correctly at regular intervals will help you stay away from this irritating HP printer mistake.

Some HP printer models are a bit more susceptible to paper jams. For example, HP printers that keep the paper vertically and pull it down through the system will occasionally encounter paper jam issues. Such models are not suitable for heavy applications. So, if you use such a printer in your office for substantial printing activities, consider replacing it with newer HP printer models.

Printer Driver Issues

A recent survey revealed that many computer users have no huge problems updating apps and other programs on their PCs to the latest version. Shockingly, most of the computer printer issues you ‘re experiencing may be due to the use of an obsolete printer driver. This means that updating your computer’s printer driver to the latest available version may help you fix at least a few HP printer issues.

Note that if you have recently updated your computer’s operating system to Windows 10, you may not be able to print documents either. This is because the new operating system does not support the printer driver that you used in older versions of Windows. You need to install the latest updates to the printer driver available to fix the issue.

If you are unable to find the latest version of the driver or continue to experience printer driver issues even after the driver has been updated, you should contact our printer support professional for assistance. The problem may be due to an incompatible software or a malware issue, in which case it is better to leave the troubleshooting part to the experts.


Ghosting is often seen as one of the most annoying issues with HP printers, putting an end to the printing operations of the office. Ghosting is a condition in which images are printed without any problems. Still, the frustrating part is that a low-quality image or text from the main document can also appear in the final output. These issues are typically prevalent with LaserJet printers.

Usually, ghosting problems in computer printers arise when there is a power port problem that provides power to the device. As a consequence, users who encounter this issue should initially connect the printer to another power source. You also need to reboot the computer as well as the connected devices to see if it works.

Another important thing users should note is that the consumable parts of your printer, such as the imaging kit and the drum, can be used to print several pages. If you have already exceeded the number of pages, you might need to replace all the consumable parts to solve the ghosting issue.



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