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Printing from a network can sometimes be a problem, such as when printing does not work. This is mostly because the network doesn’t detect the computer. This issue can be resolved through some basic network printer troubleshooting.

It is Not Connected

Make sure your printer is connected to the power outlet. If it’s, you’ll see the green light. If shared, it will also appear in the PC taskbar. If not, do the following:

  • Restart the printer and see if it connects.
  • Disconnect the power and plugin and see if it works.
  • Please see that the connection setup is done correctly.

The Consumables

Is there some paper in the tray? Have you been running out of toner or ink? Make sure the setup is as it should be. Check the front panel to see if the toner or ink level is too low. Lock up, and know the paper has not been jammed.

Network Connection

You can connect your printer via Wi-Fi or network cable. See that this is correctly installed. Check the proper cables or the Wi-Fi network ‘s password. This is part of the simple problem resolving network printer. Maybe the Wi-Fi password was changed, and the printer was not reconnected afterward.

Old Printer Software

The old printer software can create problems when you’re trying to print. You need the right driver to send the document data over the network. Update as frequently as possible, especially if you have recently updated your operating system.

Printer Sharing is Disabled

During network printer troubleshooting, people often overlook this factor. For the network to which the printer is connected, the File and Printer Sharing Option must be enabled. This is the only way that a PC can access a printer. So to make that work right, turn the feature on and see if it helps.


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