When it comes to network printer troubleshooting in an organization, people often think the solutions lie in tweaking hardware and changing software configurations. However, several times issues like slow printing have nothing to do with either. Indeed, the slow printing problem in network printers results from the wrong networking of printers. This often leads to difficulties in finding and correcting the cause of the problem. Below are three reasons for the slow printing.

Print Server Overload

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Print servers are the most common way to use a network printer. These servers function as a single point for the processing of all print jobs. This can lead to slow printing problems in network printers, where the print server does not work correctly. You can either change the way printer networking is organized to solve this problem or find a way to increase the print server efficiency.

Remote Offices and Increased Network Traffic

Many organizations have more than one office to do their business form, and sometimes the most sensible way to set up printers is through a central print server. All offices are connected to this print server, but every time someone prints it, the print file needs to be sent to and from the server via WAN.

It can result in high traffic inside the network and slow printing issues in a remote office. You can either make use of direct IP printing or set up local print servers to solve this problem. Another way to go is to use solutions to compress print jobs before sending them, or to consolidate print servers.

Terminal Servers

Printing through a terminal server can be detrimental to printing speed because the application is inside the terminal server. The server itself could be on the other side of the world. Any time a user prints, the file is sent via WAN. If multiple users happen to print at once, the network will be swamped.

This issue has different solutions based on the way the printers are installed on the terminal server. Nonetheless, it usually is enough to print jobs on the customer’s side or even to compress files for printing. Another solution is to increase the capacity of the network in some way.


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