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How to Fix Printer Not Responding Error on Windows 7

  How to Troubleshoot the Printer Not Responding Error in Windows 7 Common Printer Issues When trying to print a document on a Windows computer, you may come across the printer not responding error. The error message may pop up on the system due to several reasons, comprising faulty printer drivers, hardware configuration and status, [...]
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How to solve Word Documents Related Printing Issues

  How to Resolve Printing Issues Related to Word Documents Common Printer Issues You might come across certain issues with your printer while working on a Word document, such as an error message saying, “Printer Not Responding”. Usually, such an issue happens due to an error in a specific template or a particular document. Worry [...]
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Solve HP Printing Issues following a Windows 10 upgrade

  Solving HP Printing Issues after a Windows 10 Upgrade Common Printer Issues Upgrading to Windows 10 can bring a slew of problems you never had to deal with before, such as bugs, widespread and frequent incompatibility, and relative sluggishness if you came over from using Windows 7. You have probably grown used to the [...]
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How to Troubleshooting the HP ePrint Job Fails to Print Error

  How to Troubleshoot the HP ePrint Job Fails to Print Error Common Printer Issues HP ePrint allows users to print from a location with access to the internet. A print job is sent via email using their HP printer email address. In case it does not print, check the internet connection for the device [...]
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How to fix Driver Package of Printer Cannot Be Installed

  How to Resolve Driver Package of Printer Cannot Be Installed Common Printer Issues There are instances where users are unable to install the right printer driver in Windows PC. An error message appears when the operating system is not successful in installing the necessary drivers. Below are some ways to troubleshoot the issue. With [...]
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How to fix a Mac failing to contact a printer

  How to Fix a Mac Failing to Communicate with a Printer Common Printer Issues If you rely a lot on your computer and peripherals for day-to-day operations at the office, you know the kind of frustration that sets in when even one of these fails to operate as it should. A printer can become [...]
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Five Warning Signs of a Faulty Transfer Roller in Laser Printers

  Five Warning Signs of a Faulty Transfer Roller in Laser Printers Faulty Transfer Roller The transfer roller is one crucial component of a laser printer, which transfers the toner from the cartridge drum and imprints it on the paper. The transfer drum is electrically charged with the opposing polarity, to attract the toner particles [...]
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How to Troubleshoot Network Printing Problems on Windows

  How to Troubleshoot Network Printing Issues on Windows Common Printer Issues A computer network allows users to take printouts, as long as the connection works fine. If you are facing problems in connecting to a network, use these steps to troubleshoot it. One of the common gripes of network users is why my printer [...]
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How to Fix ‘Printer Not Responding’ Error on Mac OS X

  How to Troubleshoot ‘Printer Not Responding’ Error on Mac OS X Common Printer Issues One commonly seen error message on Apple computers featuring Mac OS X, features a pop up announcing that the printer is not responding to printing queries. If you come across “the printer is not responding Mac” queries while using a [...]

How to Fix Offline Printer Status on Windows 7

A “printer offline” status on Windows suggests that the system failed to communicate with the connected printer. That can happen due to errors in connection, poor configurations, faulty drivers, or if there are plenty of print jobs pending in the print queue. Regardless, you will not be able to take printouts unless you turn the [...]