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If you’re trying to print something on the Windows operating system and you’re not printing it, the problem may be that the printer is also not online. You can’t print unless the printer is online. To turn your printer online, you just have to turn on your printer and expect the printer to update its status online for a few seconds.

Trying to turn your printer offline to online is unfortunately not so easy. The printer will remain offline even if the printer is connected and enabled to the PC. There may be many reasons why Windows does not detect a printer connected to a network or a computer, and some of the solutions to the problems are discussed below.

Power Cycle Devices

The first thing that you need to do before getting deep into the tools and settings is to try to power cycle the computer and the printer. This can help fix the problem many times. You just need to turn off the computer and the printer. You can then power on the printer and wait until it gets connected back to the network. If you are making use of a USB cable to connect the printer, you need to wait until the printer is done with the starting up process.

After the printer has turned on, you can turn on the computer to see if the printer is still offline. If the printer is still in offline mode, you need to ensure that the printer is turned off completely and not in the power-saving mode. If you are unsure of this, the best thing that you can do is to unplug the printer completely and wait for about thirty seconds before plugging it again.

Use Printer Software

If you find that the printer is still shown offline, you should try to use the provided printer software. These utilities will be able to find the printer available on the network and fix the problems of offline printing. You can also visit your printer ‘s support website to download the software. For example, if you are using a Canon printer, you can navigate to the support website and enter the model number to download the software you need to maintain and manage your Canon printer. This is applicable to almost all the printer models.

When running the software, you will be able to see the status of the printer that is connected to the device and provide additional printer information, such as the level of the ink in the tank, the paper in the check, and so on.

If you are unsure of the presence of printer software on your computer, you can confirm this by going to Settings, choosing Devices, and then selecting Printers & Scanners. When you are using the Windows 10 operating system, it will list the printers that are connected to your device. If a software package is available to manage the connected printer, the App will be shown on this computer. Click on the printer, and then click on Manage to reach Open printer app button.

Printer Devices

Set Printer Online

Sometimes, even when the printer is connected and online, incorrect settings may prevent you from using it. You can open the print queue in the Control Panel by visiting Devices and Printers and double-clicking on the printer. You need to click on the printer displayed in the menu bar and uncheck the Offline Printer and Pause Print checkboxes.

Printer Offline

Check Printer Port

If none of the above steps has worked, there might be an issue with the printer port configuration. Mostly, this applies to a network printer with an IP address. The possible cause of the problem may be a change in the printer’s IP address and the port configuration that still points to the old printer’s IP address. If that is the case, you need to find the printer’s IP address. This can be done by printing a printer’s network configuration page.

Once you get the IP address, you can go to the Control Panel, choose Devices and Printers, and then right-click the printer you need to troubleshoot. Make sure you select Printer Properties, not the Property button at the bottom. Select the Ports tab and scroll down to the port that is reviewed. Use it and press Configure Port. A dialogue box will be opened to let you know the IP address you think is assigned to the printer.

Printer Properties

When you find that the current IP address of the printer is different from the one shown here, you should make sure that this is causing the problem. You just need to update your IP address, and everything’s going to be okay. When you’re still in trouble, get in contact¬†advanced troubleshooting support team.


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