Canon Printer Error E09

Canon printers are one of the most popular printer manufacturers as they have outstanding quality prints and excellent features at an affordable price. Although these printers, like any other printer, are subject to malfunctions or errors because of mechanical components. Many of these problems are stated in the error codes, and their knowledge will help to resolve the relevant issue. You can either fix them yourself or request help from the repair service for canon printers. E09 and P10 errors are very common problems for canon printers and solutions for troubleshooting are shared below.

Canon Printer Error E09

What Is Error E09?

There can be several reasons for Canon Printer Error E09, and it will be displayed if the ink cartridge has a problem. It occurs more when the printer can not identify the ink cartridge. It may be because the new ink cartridge that you have mounted is covered in a cord or protective material, and the printer can not remember it when it is not removed correctly.

How To Solve Error E09?

First, check if there’s any tape around the cartridge, and if there’s any, remove it. Following that, insert the cartridge in the correct slot to see if the issue is resolved. For certain instances, this is meant to solve the problem. If there is still a problem, call the canon printer repair service to fix it.

Canon Printer Error P10

What Is Error P10?

P10 is a standard Canon printer error that occurs due to paper jams and can also occur when there is no paper. Typically, the manual provided with the particular model should include a comprehensive guideline for fixing paper jam issues with the unit. You can also search for troubleshooting solutions by searching it online on the official website.

How To Solve Error P10?

Canon Printer Repair

To fix the issue, turn off the printer first by pressing the power button, press and hold the reset button of the printer now. Keep the power button, then release the stop or reset button; press and release the power button twice. Try it again to see if the Error P10 Canon printer is removed. If it is not resolved, disable the printer and test the paper tray to see if there is a jam; if there is a problem, delete it. You gently drag the paper out of the paper route until it has been removed. After removing the paper jammed from the tray, try printing a document, and see if the printer is working.

Here are the troubleshooting solutions for two common errors that cause the Canon printer not to print.


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