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printer error 5100
printer error 5100

If you have a canon printer at home and you are experiencing a Canon Printer Error 5100, then you need to know that this error is quite similar to the 5101 error. Because these errors are the same, they have the same symptoms and solutions. With these errors, you would experience alternative power lamp blinking and error lamp blinking two times. If you are sure of the error, then below are the methods you can use to solve the same thing.

Method 1:

Switch on / off-The first move is to switch off your printer and switch it on after a few minutes. When the process has been completed, you will change to other methods to fix the printer error.

Method 2:

Removing protective material- The protective material is one of the reasons the printer does not print. This material prevents the movement of the print head. The solution to this problem is therefore to open the top cover of the printer, find the protective material, and remove it. After the steps are completed, the cover must be closed and the printer enabled. If this method helps you, it’s all right, otherwise, you can move to the next method.

Method 3:

Remove Jammed Paper / Foreign Material-The presence of jammed paper or foreign material is one of the possible reasons for Canon Printer Error 5100 or 5101. In order to remove it the necessary steps are-

Step 1 – Stop your printer

Step 2 – Click the Power button to turn off the printer

Step 3 – Open the top cover

Step 4 – Location of paper / foreign material jammed

Step 5 – You should carefully remove the same material when you locate it. You also need to make sure you don’t tear down the paper as you remove the same thing.

Step 6 – Switch to the printer and perform the printing activity.

Method 4:

Proper Installation of the Ink Tank-An incorrect installation of the ink tank is one of the possible reasons for the imprinting activity not to occur. The expert must, therefore, be contacted to verify and properly install.

So allow these methods to be used to correct the error. If a method solves your problem, you might stop moving to the next method. So read the steps carefully, execute them well to know How to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5100, and keep on printing.


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