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Is your Canon Pixma printer facing an error? Here’s a handy guide for you on how to reset the Canon Pixma printer.

Sometimes a quick reset is all your printer needs to resolve a massive error or issue. Most every Pixma model features a slightly different factory reset procedure. However, they all share a lot of common ground.

Reset your Pixma printer in the following ways:

Factory Reset

  • The Pixma printer menu provides access to the factory reset option. Selecting the next option would restore all settings to the factory requirements that could require connecting to the home network and going through the entire setup process.
  • To access the factory reset option, first, turn on your printer and open the menu. Now use the directional arrows to navigate the setup menu, followed by the “Device Settings” tab.
  • Select “OK” and click the “Reset Settings” option; select the “OK” icon again to restart the entire process. In some Pixma printer models, the “Device Settings” menu can be accessible from the main menu without going through the setup option.

Ink Cartridge Reset

  • When a user installs a new ink cartridge, Pixma guides them through the cartridge’s realignment process before allowing them to proceed forward with the next print session.
  • It is necessary to follow the alignment menu prompts and then print the trial.
  • Refilled ink cartridges generate a reset issue for Canon Pixma printers, and there are quite a few ways to get the printer out of the problem. For printers in the Pixma MP/MX/MG series, ink cartridge resets enable one to reset the printer to ‘BCH technology.’
  • For printers in a different Pixma line, please refer to the instructions included with the ink cartridge refill or refill package. To stay away from dealing with ink cartridge reset issues, buy cartridges directly from the manufacturer or approved provider.

Ink reset instructions

  • Firstly, turn off the power.
  • Now press the power button down while you are holding the “Stop” button.
  • Release the stop button while still holding the power button two more times before pressing the “On” button.
  • After approximately 30 seconds, the printer display will show “O.”
  • Click the “Stop” button at least four times before pushing the power button twice.
  • Now, press the power button to turn off your printer and reset it.
  • Reset the cartridges by unplugging the power of the printer and the various USB cables.
  • Finally, open the ink cartridge door by holding down the power button and then reconnect the power cables by pressing the power button. Close the cartridge door and let go of the power button.

In case the issue persists as to how to fix the canon printer, please contact your nearest technician or customer service center of the said brand or the manufacturer to reset the Canon Pixma printer.


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