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Printer memory issues are one reason for several recurring problems, for example, stuck printing or non-response. Such issues will occur even though the printer ‘s hardware is intact and operates normally. The printer will stop printing if the spooler and the computer have queued files in the memory. It can stop the printer and clear the memory is one way to solve the problem. Restoring both the computer and the printer can help clear up the memory.

The print queue is used to keep the multiple files sent to the printer to be printed. The scheduled work is held temporarily in the printing spool, which transfers the documents to the printer after each print has been done. Printers rely on the computer’s spool memory to print several files. In some cases, the spool should be removed to fix issues with the printer. Below are several ways to reset and clear the printer ‘s memory.

Cancel Existing Prints

Canceling any remaining print jobs in the print queue can help clear the memory of the printer. Go to Devices and Printers on a Windows 7 or 8 computer and right-click on the printer name. Tap on the button Sees What’s Printing. The scanned list and documents waiting to be scanned are presented. Press Cancel All Documents on the Printer menu to clear any remaining print jobs from the list.

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Restart your printer

The restart of the printer resets the system and clears the active print jobs of its memory. To do this, turn the printer off and disconnect it from the power socket. Leave for a minute and connect the printer to the power socket. This fully clears and erases the power of the memory. Then turn on the printer and wait until it begins to run before giving a new print order.

Cold Reset

A cold reset will clear the printer ‘s memory, and it is useful to restore the default settings. Many printers have an internal memory with some network settings, printing, and paper settings information. A cold reset is one of the most effective ways to resolve stuck printer problems and restore them to regular operation. The method of making a cold reset, however, differs according to the printer model. Referring to the printer user manual can help to perform a cold reset properly.


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