Toner Cartridge-j556

An incorrectly installed Toner cartridge in a laser printer will make its cover partially open and prevent the tool from working properly. Several factors cause the cover of the laser printers to remain ajar, including the installation of an incompatible cartridge. Nonetheless, you will have to remove the toner cartridge and replace it with the correct cartridge, regardless of what caused the printing problem. The printer or PC showing a stuck cartridge or similar message can display an error message.

Switch off the laser print before replacing the cartridge. Allow the device to cool down for a while and feel the temperature on the cover of the laser printer before removing the toner cartridge. If you do not feel the heat on its cover, you can comfortably open its cover, whether it is front-facing or rear-facing, as per the configuration of the laser printer, and keep the handle of its drum unit to pull out the cartridge gently.

You can remove the cartridge from the laser printer’s drum unit by using a lever, a switch, or a button, as per the printer model. Should not push the cartridge out of the toner. When it is not removed quickly, using a lock and unlock the device in the printer to safely remove the cartridge, if it is still stuck, it is best to contact a qualified printer service to remove the toner cartridge without harming the drum machine.

When out of the laser printer, slide a tab back and forth to clean the corona wire inside the printer. Remember that not all drum units have corona wires running through them, but if your printer does, it is worth maintaining that to avoid any issues with print quality in the future. After the cleaning process, slide both the toner cartridge and the drum assembly into the laser printer. If your printer has a toner/drum combination, line it up properly and make sure to slide it in so that you can close the device panel.

Turn on the printer after closing the door or panel and resume printing only after ensuring that the device control panel displays a green light or displays a ‘ready’ mode. Ensure that the model of the toner cartridge is used as per the configuration of the printer. If you are unsure, check the website of the printer manufacturer.


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