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If you have a Lexmark printer and are checking for a way to refill the Lexmark printer cartridges, write down below can help. In this article, we ‘re trying to discuss the right steps that will help you refill the Lexmark printer cartridges. So, find out how to refill the Lexmark printer cartridges below.

  • Step 1-Take out the Lexmark cartridge-You need to start by removing the Lexmark cartridge from your printer.
  • Step 2-Use absorbent underlay-As quickly as the cartridge has been removed, it should be placed on a paper towel.
  • Step 3- Remove Label- The label must be removed in this step. This label can be located on the top of the cartridge. A cutter may be used for removal.
  • Step 4-Locate the opening of the filler-Once the cutter has been successfully used, and the label has been removed, the opening of the filler and the level chip is visible. The chip is responsible for controlling the level of fill.
  • Step 5—Use the needle — The needle needs to be stabbed through the opening of the filler in the sponge. The cartridge is slowly filled with ink until the little ink starts to drop out of the filler.
  • Step 6—Extract ink — You need to extract 1-2 ml of ink as it is likely that the sponge does not hold any extra ink, and the ink is starting to leak out of the cartridge.

Once all of the above steps have been taken, the cartridge is refilled and placed back in the printer. It is essential to know that the cartridge must be left on an absorbent paper for 15 minutes after each refill. Be careful and don’t bring the dripping cartridge into the printer. The printed head must also be cleaned with distilled water time and again.

Important information related to cartridges

It should also be noted that printing can not be carried out with fully empty cartridges. Instead, it is best to refill a small amount of ink once in a while. This is done to avoid the drying and clogging of the nozzle. Also, the sponge inside the cartridge remains smooth by performing the above step.

To perform the above filling steps and, if you are unable to complete the filling accurately, take the help of an expert.


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