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Printing files has evolved a lot from the beginning to recent times. Different methods are used by people to print their files. OK, the easiest thing is to print your files from your PC or laptop or tablet using a ready-to-go printer that is connected to your computer. If you’re a print customer from Samsung tablet to Epson at your home or office, you’re in the right place to learn tips on how to print from Samsung tablet to Epson printer easily in just a few steps.

Steps Involved in Connecting Your Tablet:

It must be known that not all printer applications are compatible with your tablet and printer. You need to recognize the appropriate software and version of the printer for compatibility. Follow the general steps below to connect your Samsung tablet to your Epson printer.

Steps for The Printer’s Setup in Tab:

  • To set up a device connection, go to the “Market” icon and download the “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” software or the “Epson Print Enabler” application or any other Epson Printer Driver software on Google Play.
  • Please agree to the License Statements and click the “Next” option. Click “Install” and complete the installation by pressing “Done.”
  • Click the “On” button on your Epson printer.
  • Go to the “Settings” option on your tab and click the Wi-Fi feature.
  • You can see that your printer’s Wi-Fi network (with your printer name or model) is included in the wireless network list.
  • Change your wireless connection to the wireless network of your printer.
  • Open the printer setup that you downloaded and continue by clicking on the model of your Epson printer.
  • If not included in the initial search, consider the printer model in the “All printers” list.
  • To switch to the next tab, press “Next.” Now select “Printer Registration” and then press “Next.”
  • In the License and Privacy statement, select “Accept” and select “OK.”
  • Enable your printer either by creating an account (if you haven’t already created one) or by choosing “Add printer” from an existing account, and including your Epson printer in it.
  • In the settings, click on your printer device and select “Print.”
  • Select the image or file you need to print from the folder on your tab.
  • Specify the size, black and white or color printout, number of copies, and other requirements required by the client to print the files in the desired manner.
  • After you have finished printing, press the “Exit” button.
  • NOTE: Check the hardware components before printing, such as filling or aligning the printing paper. Also, check the type of application software you are using in your tablet and select your settings accordingly.

Printing also involves other forms, such as e-printing via cloud data on your Google Account at any time and anywhere.

Contact the Epson Helpline if there is still a printing problem from Samsung tablet to Epson.


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