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Sometimes a ‘Printer Driver Unavailable’ error appears as a status on the driver software installed on the Microsoft Windows 10 PC. The software is installed in the device control panel of computers and printers. The error occurs if the printer driver is not up-to-date, if it is corrupt, or if Windows updates are not installed on Windows 10. So first, look at the driver or operating system to know the status if the ‘Printer Driver Unavailable’ error pops out of nowhere. To help you fix the issue on your Windows 10 PC, here are a few troubleshoots you can try.

Try to reinstall the Printer Driver.

As said, an incompatible or corrupt printer driver might be the underlying reason why an error occurs on Windows. So, you need to install the right driver to fix an error that won’t let you take printouts. If this is the status, press the Windows key and the R key on the keyboard to start Run. Enter devmgmt.msc on the desktop dialog box and click OK. Then, find the printer driver installed on your computer, right-click it, and choose to Uninstall your device. To confirm the same, click Uninstall on prompt. Now download the right printer driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it on your computer to see if this solves the problem.

Manually install Windows Update

Printer Issues

Reinstall Printer Driver

If you have not enabled automatic updates from Windows now, and the OS is out of date, it could make the printer driver temporarily unavailable until printing needs to be resolved. Follow the steps below to install Windows updates and repair Windows 10 PC error.

  • Click the Desktop Start button, enter the search box update, and select Check Updates.
  • Once, on Windows Update and under Update status, confirm the same version.

If you see the Updates Are Available option, you will see a dialog box indicating that the remaining percentage is shown next to Preparing To Install Updates. You will have to wait a while until Windows updates to the latest available version depending on your broadband speed. Once the update has been completed, restart the PC and retry printing a digital file to see if it fixes printer issues that have occurred unexpectedly.


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