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Error code 45 is a general device problem that the user will face on any version of the Windows 2000 or later operating system. This error occurs when the Windows program is unable to identify the device attached to it and informs the user that the device is not present. This may also have been that it was already connected to the device. This error code is used to signify the system’s disconnected status. Microsoft says that the error code will automatically resolve when you connect the associated device to your computer.

Error Cause – Error is caused either by a temporary system file system failure or by a problem in Windows registry system files. This may also be due to corrupted or damaged Windows operating systems.

Below is the method on how to fix the brother printer error code 45 –

Method 1 – Resolve by reconnecting the device to your computer:-

Disconnecting and then plugging the device’s USB cable back into your computer is the best way to fix the error. It will refresh the system and thus function properly. By reconnecting the system back to the computer, it helps to remove the error and therefore does not require any additional specific functions. If the same error message appears, repeat the task.

Method 2 – Install Driver Assist:-

A program called the Driver Assist, can be used to fix the Brother Printer Error Code 45, which is a safe bet to fix all Windows registry system files. Driver Assist has an easy-to-use approach that helps to fix these PC issues. It comes with an automated database and identifies which drivers need to be reconfigured. They are automatically downloaded while there is an added benefit of seamless backup and restore of all files in case of damage.

How to fix the brother printer error code 45:-

Step 1 – fix registry entries associated with error 45

Step 2 – Conduct a full malware scan of your PC

Step 3 – Clean your system junk with disk cleanup.

Step 4 – Update the PC system driver.

Step 5 – Utilize windows system restore.

Step 6 – Uninstall and reinstall your Windows operating system with code 45

Step 7 – Run System File Checker on Windows

Step 8 – Install all available updates to windows.

Step 9 – Test your memory ( RAM) for corruption.

Step 10 – A clean installation of windows

Printer Error Code 45 can be found in any of the following Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000. Following the above steps, it will allow you to solve the problem quickly.


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