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Not many know How to Configure Ricoh Printer Not Email Scanning, that’s why this blog is for anyone who wants to learn it. A strong network is the essential requirement for Ricoh printers to work for you to scan emails.

A few further details are also required, such as your email server information, server names, authentication credentials, SMTP port number, and other protocols where necessary. Even if you don’t have an email server and just a Gmail account, you can quickly scan your email using your Google SMTP.

Instructions on How to Set up Ricoh Printer Not Scanning to Email are shown step by step below. These steps may be for all copiers of the Ricoh MP Series but may be difficult for some smaller models such as MP 2500, MP 2000, MP 171, etc.

Step 1 -To start scanning your copier into an email, all you have to do is first press the User Tools / Counter button on the copier ‘s operating panel.

Step 2 – Then click the System Settings Touch screen and then click the File Transfer tab.

Step 3 – Select the SMTP server and enter the hostname of your email server. Note that if you do not have DNS (Domain Name System) set up, you must enter the IP address of the SMTP server instead of its name.

Step 4 – Just below the name, choose SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) if your server needs it.

Step 5 – If your server uses a port other than the default port, enter the correct port number on the screen.

Step 6 – If you find a button on the CONNECTION TEST, click it to check the copier so that it can be connected to the SMTP server.

Step 7 – In the top right corner, click OK to save your data.

Step 8 – SMTP authentication is the next step. You can skip this step or else click on this option and fill in your username, email address, and password if your server does not request this. You can pick the AUTO option in encryption if your server does not need to be changed.

Step 9 – Select OK to save the file.

Step 10 – Search for ADMINISTRATOR ‘S EMAIL ADDRESS and select it to enter the email address you want to see when you send scans from a copier.

Step 11 – Select Auto Specify Sender and set it to ON from the file transfer menu, then press OK to save it.

Step 12 – Finally, quit your User Tools and allow your copying tool to adapt to the new configuration and scan your emails.

Therefore, the steps listed above are the ones you need to follow on How to Set up Ricoh Printer Not Scanning To Email. I hope you find this article helpful and will help you fix your copier soon.


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