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Does your Ricoh printer show an SC 544-00 code error? Ricoh printers have been the best quality printers in the computer industry, but there can also be faults in such a fine range of printers. The SC 544-00 error code is known to be a fuser-related error, particularly when overheated. This mistake comes from the five error series and leads to bad paper feed. This query How to repair Ricoh printer error SC 544-00, so that you can use the printer again with the same ease and flexibility might be wondering about an effective solution. Here we answer it for you.

Complete Guide to Fixing Error SC 544-00

This issue is only resolved in two steps once, and your printer is given back to its functional mode. These steps below will certainly help you mitigate the Ricoh Printer Error SC 544-00:

Step 1: In this method, you will perform useful procedures that will help you reset the fuser.

As if the issue had occurred due to some power problem, the error would be removed immediately. It is now crucial to locate and simultaneously press the home and screen buttons for about 6 seconds for resetting the fuser to open the printer into the service mode and to perform the necessary operations. Then select the User tools and choose the printer model you have from the printer models. Later, select fuser reset error and reboot and restart your printer.

Step 2: Now that you’ve formatted the fuser settings back to the factory reset mode.

It is time to move back to its factory reset mode to the phase of resetting the printer. This will help to refurbish the Ricoh printer and save all previous changes. To reset the printer, you have to start clicking on the printer and then wait about 4 minutes to make it completely functional. Then you can remove the power cord from the back of the printer and remove it from the switchboard. Also, wait about 2 minutes and place the power cable on both the printer and the switchboard again to run the printer. After that, you can turn the printer on and check that the error might have gone away, and now you can print all your hassle-free sheets.

This is the most effective way to get your Ricoh printer back into operational mode. You must, therefore, try the above steps if you face Ricoh Printer Error SC 544-00. Nonetheless, if the printer still does not perform the printing task, it is high time that you contact an excellent printer technician, who will not only help you to repair the Ricoh printer but will also be able to provide relevant guidance on possible future problems for the printer.


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