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Ricoh printers are one of the multipurpose printers designed for the sole purpose of meeting the requirements of household printing, all small office, and huge office requirements. It’s very easy to use and provides a superior printing experience. But in some cases, because of our stupid errors in operation and connection, or maybe even because of some technical problems, these printers make some mistakes. Error is the way your Ricoh printer shows that there’s an issue inside. One of these errors is “Fix Ricoh printer error 91.” If this error code shows, you need to think about why this error appears and how to fix Ricoh printer error 91?

Fix “Error 91” In Your Ricoh Printer With Much Ease!

Okay, yeah! This error appears when one of the automatic working functions loses the print button. This is an error in the order. Another explanation of why this error happens is that the printer settings and the printer driver settings do not match due to some cause. Mostly this occurs when the auto-continue settings of your printers are working.

Now that you have an idea about this particular error and why it appears, you need to know how to repair Ricoh printer error 91.

Methods for fixing error 91 in Ricoh printers :

Method 1

Power your printer as it helps to restore some of the internal functions and allows your printer to modify the adjustments you’ve made to your printer. You have taken the following steps for the power cycling of the printer:

  • Make sure your printer is first turned on. When the printer is left idle for a long time, most of the time, it sleeps. You can turn it on by pressing any button.
  • Keep the power button for a few seconds now and shut it off for a bit. Switch on the screen after that.
  • Give your printer some time to start its internal operation properly before using it.
  • This power cycle will most definitely help you solve the mistake. But if the error still doesn’t solve, you can proceed to the following method.

Method 2

In this process, you can check if the data you have inserted for printing is valid or not.

  • Make sure your printer doesn’t get too many print commands at a time from different sources on your network and make sure you use the latest version of the internal program.
  • Delete the print queue from the print spooler on your PC and try giving a new and fresh print command. This could fix your error. You can do so in the following steps:
  • Click on your computer’s windows icon.
  • Open the control panel either by clicking the control panel or by selecting the folder in the drop-down list.
  • Click on the administrative tools in a new window, and when it opens, click two times on services.
  • The list will appear at this time, and you need to click on the print spooler.
  • Here you get the “stop” option. Clicking on it will stop all previous commands.
  • Delete all previous commands and add new printing commands.

These methods may fix the issue of your printer, but if that is not the case, you must contact your printer service center to resolve the issue.


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