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Sometimes the customer printing a document can receive the error message ‘Ink system error oxc19a0020’ on the screen of the HP Smart Photo Printer. Before contacting the technical support team, the user should take a few measures to fix the error. Below are tips on how to fix HP oxc19a0020 printer error.

Step 1

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer as you leave the power supply on.
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer by opening the access cover for the installation of the cartridge.
  • Close the access cover and keep the printer on. Wait until the machine displays the ‘Insert Ink Cartridge’ message.
  • Next, turn off the power supply and remove the power cable from the device.
  • Probably wait sixty seconds before the power cord is reconnected. If the machine does not turn on automatically, turn on the power button manually.
  • Replace the cartridges in your printer and close the access cover.
  • If necessary, try printing a calibrated page before printing the appropriate document.
  • Replace the USB cable and attach it to your computer to verify whether the printing process is working correctly.
  • If this step fails, then attempt the next level.

Step 2

  • Turn off your printer before starting the process.
  • All ink cartridges must be removed from the printer. In the next stage, check and make sure there are no residual tapes in the ink cartridges that have been removed.
  • Wear gloves to clean any ink that appears on your printer or cartridge. Wet cotton swabs can also be used to clear the dye. Continue to clean the remaining ink until the swabs come out clean after washing the inked areas of the printer and the cartridges.
  • Check the condition of the cartridges. If they are of low status, they are likely to bleed more or have bulging problems. To avoid the problem of leakage, get rid of it as soon as possible. Replace low-level cartridges with new and original cartridges.
  • Upon removing all cartridges and washing the ink printer, unplug the printer. Let it be for at least one minute. Check once more if the cartridges are bleeding in the machine. If not, start printing and try printing.

Step 3

  • The user can also try to clean the cartridges to solve the problem. Using distilled water to moisten a lint-free cloth to clean the cartridges.
  • Clean the copper-colored surface of the cartridge very gently.
  • Then use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean the area that was washed with a wet cloth.
  • Wait for the cartridges to dry for at least ten minutes and put them in the slot of the system cartridge.
  • Consult the control panel if further error messages are seen, or if not, start using the printer to reconnect to your computer.

If the error message ‘Inks in the oxc19a0020 system’ appears again, please contact HP Customer Service for assistance.


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