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Troubleshooting printer issues in Windows can be a breeze, mainly if common errors do not require users to carry out any complicated steps to fix it. And if you try to print a document on a PostScript printer and find an “insufficient memory” error message, it can be resolved with workarounds.

The error is exactly what it says; the print job you began with a PostScript printer needs more device memory. Otherwise, the printout is created with an incomplete part that suggests that the printer has run, so to speak out of memory. For example, if you have a TrueType font that is downloaded as a Type42 font for the document you are going to print, your printer memory may not be enough to use the font in TrueType native format. The printer attempts to allocate some space for the font, but eventually overwrites its memory and displays the error message.

For troubleshooting printer issues in PostScript software, you will first need to add memory to your computer. To know how to add memory to a PostScript printer, please view the bundled user manual. When you extend the memory of these printers that work with PostScript software, you may need a workaround for an insufficient error message that appears on your control panel or Windows PC.

Workaround of Insufficient Memory Error in PostScript Printers

To work around the problem, the PostScript print job needs to be configured in such a way that the printer can produce output. Try to configure the TrueType Font Download option to show how it appears in the steps below.

  • Login to Windows Computer with an administrative account.
  • Click the Start button, search for a Control Panel, and search for and open Devices and Printers or Printers and Faxes.

Devices And Printers

  • Right-click the PostScript printer and choose Properties in the pop-up tab.

Printer Properties

  • Click on the Preferences option for Printing, select Layout, and choose Advanced.

Printing Preferences

  • Double-click the PostScript Options tab, and press the said native Font download.
  • Click Automatic in the TrueType Font Preview checkbox. If this is selected earlier, press Bitmap or Outline instead.

PostScript Options

  • Save the settings and close the Properties of Printer and Control Panel.

If you find any difficulties in troubleshooting printer issues following the above steps, please contact a professional printer support team for a timely response.


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