Hp Printer Error Code 79-pof

Have you bought a new HP LaserJet Printer? Getting HP Printer Error Code 79? Read this article to learn the best ways to permanently get rid of a message and find out how to fix error 79 on your HP LaserJet Printer.

Easy Steps on How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 79

HP Printer Error Code 79 is the most common error that appears on new HP printers. The root cause of the problem is corrupted PostScript documents, or corrupted print jobs. Before beginning the troubleshooting process, make sure you own an admin account on your Desktop and have a stable internet connection.

Let’s follow the following steps on how to fix HP Printer Error Code 79:

  • Remove all the cables from your printer. Wait for 5 seconds. Now, connect the power cable and check for an error message.
  • Unplug the power cord and plug the printer into another power outlet. Now, check if you’re still receiving an error message. However, while testing the device, please avoid any power strips, surge protectors, etc.
  • Switch off the printer by locating the power button or clicking on / off at the printer’s bottom. Keep the power button and wait 15 seconds. Now turn the printer on and start printing a document.
  • If the problem persists and you always get the same error message, it indicates a print job problem. It is advisable to divide the printing document into smaller parts before printing it.
  • Check the cartridge in the printer to ensure the toner cartridge is not empty to avoid any problems.
  • It would help if you tried deleting the Printer Driver from your computer and reinstalling the updated driver from the manufacturer’s website.
If you are still receiving HP Printer Error Code 79 after following the simple steps listed above, let’s try the following advanced methods:
  • Turn off your HP LaserJet printer. Look out for print jobs from all computers that are connected to your network printer and cancel them. Open the ‘See What’s Printing’ box in the domain network and check each print job owner. Log in to each owner’s account and remove their pending print jobs from the domain network. Uninstall the HP LaserJet printer now and add the printer back to the “Devices and Printers” list.


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