How to Fix Hp Printer Error 60.02-pof

Are you facing an error called 60.02, and you have no idea what to do? Here are some simple techniques that you can use to fix this error.

Causes of HP printer error 60.02 :

This error occurs when the printer tray can not be lifted, and the paper sensor has not been induced within the specified time. The indication is a loud cracking or cracking sound, followed by this error message.

If you loaded the paper incorrectly, then be prepared to face this error because when you inserted the paper, it is likely that the bottom-most sheet was folded between the front side of the tray and the paper was inserted into the tray. This would lead to the binding of the tray when the paper is lifted and thus your HP Printer Error 60.02.

Now that we know the causes, it’s time to know how to fix the 60.02 HP printer error:

Method 1:

  • The first step is to remove the sheets you have inserted and re-insert the tray. Now, if the printer lifts and shows a message that it is out of paper, then check whether or not the back piece of paper is correctly aligned. After the alignment has been adjusted, insert the paper again and begin again. This should fix your problem, but if the error continues, remove the right side cover of the printer and take a good look at the paper tray lift motor.
  • If you look carefully, you’d be able to see the spring connected to a portion of the metal frame right at the top of the motor. Chances are, the spring has broken down which, in turn, contributed to an error of 60.02 due to the malfunction of the assembly process and, as a result, the failure of the gear on the tray. Remove the spring, fold one of the coils presents, and attempt to re-insert the same one.
  • If the spring is attached, then try a new tray or lift motor, all of which are readily available on the market at a reasonable price.
  • Check the printer position if you still get these messages, then there is a risk that your printer will be placed on an uneven surface and that the tray will not be able to be lifted correctly.
  • You can put a small spacer on the right side of the paper tray so that the tray can fit correctly into the printer so that you can avoid all that noise and fix the HP printer error code.

Method 2:

Well, if all of these measures fail, there’s the only solution left for you, and that’s calling the customer service team. HP has an outstanding team of highly qualified experts who can fully diagnose the problem and then provide you with the service you need. They have several phone lines, and they also respond very quickly to your email query, so you won’t have to worry about it.


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