HP Printer Error 49.38.07 pof

Do you own an HP printer? HP printers are renowned for their well-established brand name and are not only affordable but also incredibly efficient in printing. But because machines are bound to error, what do you do if your HP printer shows an error code 49.38.07 on the screen? This error code usually signifies the following four issues:

  • Printing documents of unsupported programming commands.
  • Involve a third-party solution that was not meant for printing.
  • An undesirable combination of the user environment and the interaction of the user with the system.
  • A particular timing.

Now, on how to fix HP printer error 49.38.07, you need to keep a close watch on the methods and steps listed so that you can enjoy unlimited printing:

Method 1: Updating the firmware version

Using this method, this problem is usually resolved as the firmware version has become outdated and needs an update that can be quickly done using the Web Jetadmin.

  • Connect the client machine to the internet and begin the Web Jetadmin
  • Download the required updated firmware and import your images to WJA. To import, search the Device Management section on the left panel, click firmware, choose the registry option, click CTRL, and then choose the printer you want to update. The ‘Next’ choice will appear, press it, press the checkbox to import the images of the firmware. Click Done and the firmware will be downloaded from this order. If this is completed, click next to import the version to the WJA repository.
  • Since the firmware has been installed in the WJA, you can use the same to update all the printers linked to the client computer.
  • How to do if you have several printers attached to it?
  • Go to Device Management, click on all devices and choose the printers you want to be updated.
  • A tab called the Firmware Tab will be visible to the bottom half of the screen. Press CTRL+ and click on all the printers you want to update. Click the update option.
  • Reboot the printers and check if the issue has been fixed or not.

Method 2: Take the help of the HP technical support

  • With HP, every attempt is taken to ensure that all technical issues of the customers are resolved without much difficulty. The HP technical team comprises only of the best. Therefore, if the first method fails somehow, you should go for the second method.
  • You can get in contact with the Customer Support Team either by calls or email inquiries. They have several phone lines, and you don’t have to wait a long time online to get your query answered.
  • There’s also a live chat platform where you can chat with the agent and get your problem solved instantly.

Use these techniques will surely know how to fix HP printer error 49.38.07, so you will do effortless printing again without any errors in printing pages.


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