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In this article, we provided some basic steps on how to fix HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020. Many users face HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020 in their HP Printers and even face difficulty in fixing Error 0XC19A0020. If you are one of them, follow the troubleshooting steps listed below correctly.

Troubleshooting Steps for  Error 0XC19A0020

HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020 is a very common problem for HP OfficeJet Printers. This error is also defined as the Print Head Error. The HP Printer Error Code 0XC19A0020 is mostly due to misalignment or incorrect placement of the Printer Head in your HP printer. Internal printer head failure may also be the reason for HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020. Follow the procedure in the given sequence to remove this HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020.

Step by Step Process to Fix HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020

Step 1: Check for any Paper Sensing issue

This particular error can occur when there is a paper sensing issue. So, you’ve got to check if there’s a paper sensing issue. Usually, ‘ink mist’ can interfere with the media sensor or sensing optics based on the amount you have printed to date.

Step 2: Inspect Smart Chip of the Cartridge

  • Turn on the printer and remove the cartridges carefully.
  • Now, inspect the smart chip interface to see if its position is right or not.
  • If there is some damage to the smart chip, replace the smart chip of the cartridge with a new one.

Step 3: Clean the Print Head

  • Remove the printer head by lifting the print head release lever.
  • Now carefully remove the printer head and clean the contact with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the electrical contact with the fabric, too. Clean the connections until the ink marks have been cleaned.
  • Now reinstall the print head unit and lower the lever handle to lock the printer head unit in place securely.
  • Finally, print a sample document to see if the issue is solved. If not, step 4 should be implemented.

Step 4: Unplug and plug the Printer Power Cable

  • Disconnect the power cable from your printer when the printer is in ON position.
  • Wait at least 1-2 minutes and connect the power cable back to the printer.
  • Click the power button to turn on the printer if the printer does not automatically turn on the printer.
  • Printing a document to determine whether an error has been fixed or not.
  • If you see HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020, try step 5.

Step 5: Install Ink Cartridges

  • Turn on the HP printer.
  • Open the top access door for your HP printer.
  • Remove the cart by pressing the old ink cartridge.
  • Remove all ink cartridges and install them correctly.
  • Now reset the printer.
  • Now, do a print job to verify whether HP Printer Error 0XC19A0020 has been fixed.


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