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Do you want to fix HP Printer Error 0X610000F6 on your HP Printer? And read this article in its entirety. Here you can find the various ways you can use to resolve HP Printer Error 0X610000F6 in your HP Printer. So, to overcome HP Printer Error 0X610000F6, simply execute the troubleshooting steps available in this list.

Different Ways to Fix Error 0X610000F6

HP Printer Error 0X610000F6, also known as Carriage Jam Error, is very common in Photosmart HP Printers. If paper scraps or some other purpose causes a jam, the printer stops working, and no document is printed. The printer then shows on its LCD screen and error message called ‘0X610000F6’ or ‘Carriage Jam.’ The key reasons behind this 0X610000F6 HP Printer error are the conflict with foreign objects or cartridge defaults. Apply any of the following solutions to your HP Printer to remove your own HP Printer Error 0X610000F6.

How do I fix HP Printer Error 0X610000F6?

Method 1: Turn off and turn on the printer

  • First of all, switch off your HP Printer by pressing the power button. If your printer doesn’t turn off, go immediately to Method 2 by stopping this method 1.
  • Wait a minute and switch on your printer again by pressing the power button on your printer.
  • Now check whether or not the HP Printer Error 0X610000F6 has been fixed. If the 0X610000F6 error is still shown, use Method 2.

Method 2: Clean all of the paper materials that are jammed

  • Disconnect all the USB cables and power cables of your HP printer.
  • Open the printer tray and check for some kind of paper material. If found, remove it carefully.
  • Now open the back door of the printer and see that any paper scraps are stuck inside the printer and, if present, clean them.
  • Close the rear access door and put the papers on the printer tray.
  • Now connect all USB cables and power cable back into your HP printer.
  • Press your button to switch on your printer and print a sample document.
  • If the print job is not finished, then use method 3.


Method 3: Check Whether the Printer Cartridges are correctly installed or not and Remove any jammed papers

  • Disconnect the power cable and all of your printer’s USB cables.
  • Now open the cartridge access door and carefully press the carriage latch to close completely.
  • Now check whether the cartridges can move freely from one side to the other and check for jammed papers.
  • If the obstacles are detected, remove them carefully.
  • Make sure the cartridges are seated properly or not.
  • Now close the cartouche access door carefully and attach your HP Printer to all USB cables and power cables.
  • Switch ON your HP Printer by pressing the printer power button and perform a print function again and fix HP Printer Error 0X610000F6.

If the problem prevails, please contact the customer support of the HP printer.


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