HP Deskjet 3522 not Printing -pof

Sometimes it happens that the HP Deskjet 3522 printer does not print black ink in spite of all the other printing colours. Here are some things that can be done to fix the issues.

First, it is important to use only genuine cartridges of HP ink. There may be a variety of other issues with the use of refilled cartridges, and nothing will allow the printers to work again. It is, therefore, essential to use authentic cartridges while using printers.

Next, make sure that the paper is appropriate. The printing side of the paper should be placed on the input tray, and this is particularly important for printing and non-printing sides of the paper. Don’t use scrunched or wrinkled document. Some of the papers do not absorb the ink very well, so they tend to tingle easily.

Next, follow the print settings for Windows or Mac devices, and then move on to check if the ink level is appropriate.

To do so, test the ink level warnings and indications and adjust the cartridges when the low ink level light comes on to avoid printing delays.

Click the Down arrow to choose Ink Levels on the printer control panel, and then press OK.

The ink level screen displays all four ink colours with gauges. If the ink level graphics show low or empty ink cartridges, or if the quality is not as expected, then try replacing the problem ink cartridges, especially black cartridges.

Print a copy of the test and evaluate the print quality. Troubleshoot any defects in print quality.

When the printer is printing correctly, the black colour will be dense and dark, and there would be no streaks or lines. Also, the black text does not show any ink streaks.


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