HP 2515 Printer Error

When you face the C error on your HP printer, the “Ink Cartridge Stalled” message on your computer will be displayed. Attention light usually blinks on the printer control panel, the ink level indicators blink generally, and the section display counter shows a ‘C.’ This section shows blinks quickly to indicate that your HP 2515 printer has an error of C.

Say goodbye to the Query “How to Fix hp 2515 printer error c”

This error is shown when printing, which means that the printer carriage is stuck and does not move. Follow the instructions below to find out how to resolve HP 2515 printer error c.

Step 1: Restart your printer. Switch off your printer and wait 60 seconds before you turn it on. Restarting the computer solves the problem of error c most of the time. Print a test page after restarting the printer. To print a test page, press and hold the black start and start the colour button until it makes a noise. This is going to begin printing the test page. If the test page is not printed and the error persists, move to the next step.

Step 2: Clear jammed paper from the tray, foundation, front, and inside of the printer. Next, switch off the device and unplug it. Remove any paper in the input tray of the unit. Check inside the tray to find any paper, clips, dust, hair, or items that could interrupt the printing process. Select any foreign object by moving the pick mechanism inside the input tray. Additionally, remove any of the papers that may be stuck in the output tray.

Step 3: Clear jammed paper from the base of the printer. After clearing the tray, turn the computer upside down to expose the printer foundation. The tool has a cleaning door at the foundation. Only click the tabs on either side of the door to open it. Open the cleaning door and clear any paper stuck that may be inside.

Step 4: Remove the paper jammed from cartridges. Close the access door to the cartridge. Check for any sheet of paper that might interfere with the printing process. Then reinsert the cartridges and put them back in place.

Step 5: Free carriage of the cartridge. After you have made sure that there are no pieces of paper stopping the printing process, plug the printer in again. Now, open the printer cartridge door and wait until the cart is silent and idle. Remove the power cord of the printer from the power source while the printer is still on.

Now, move the cartridge and check where the cartridge is stuck. If it’s stuck on either side, add a little pressure to make sure it’s safe to pass. Take the cartridge and shift it manually freely to make sure it is secure. To start printing, close the access door and plug in the printer.

Congratulations to you! You now know how to fix the hp 2515 C printer error.


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