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The Epson WF 7620 printer is a standard printer that is suitable for both home and office use. Many common printer issues can be resolved more or less quickly. Here’s a brief guide:

In the case of Horizontal Banding:

  • In such cases, the Print Head Alignment utility must be used, and when doing so, it is necessary to ensure that the printable side of the paper is upwards in the sheet feeder.
  • Then, the Head Cleaning service must be run to clear any clogged ink nozzles.
  • Next, be sure to clear all custom settings and then select Text and Image settings under Quality Form. In the case of Windows, this can be achieved from the Main Menu software. In the Mac case, you can choose Automatic settings in the Print dialog box under Mode.
  • Check the ink in the cartridge and replace it if necessary.
  • It is also necessary to ensure that the Minimize Margin is not selected under More Choice and that the Maximum setting is not selected under the Printable Area. Banding can occur in the extended area if the option is turned on.
  • The Media Type must also be selected appropriately.

In the case of Vertical Misalignment

  • It is necessary to make sure that the printable side of the paper is facing upwards.
  • Next, you have to run the Print Head Alignment utility.
  • The High-Speed checkbox must be checked in the Advanced dialog box.
  • Next, you have to run the Head Cleaning Utility to clear the ink nozzles.
  • The Media Type must also be selected appropriately.

In case of Incorrect colors or Missing Colors

  • The printer software’s ink setting has to be changed to Colour.
  • The application’s color settings have to be configured in the Advanced dialog box of the device.
  • To clean the nozzles, the Head Cleaning System has to be used.
  • When the colors are still missing, the color ink cartridges must be replaced, and the black ink cartridges must be replaced in case the issue persists.
  • It is not recommended to use color ink cartridges after their expiry date.

In case of Smeared Printout

  • In this case, it is necessary to verify that the appropriate printer driver is used.
  • Please make sure that EPSON uses only the recommended paper.
  • Ensure that the printer is on a flat and stable surface and extends beyond the printer base in all directions. The printer refuses to operate correctly if it is tilted.
  • It is also necessary to ensure that the paper is not too old or too dirty. The paper must also be completely dry and face up.
  • All custom settings must be cleared, and the option Text and Image must be selected from the printer’s main menu under the Performance Tab.
  • Pictures printed on glossy paper should not be processed for a few hours to allow the ink to be set.


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