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Are you looking for a response on how to repair the Epson printer Error E-01? Right now, we have the answer for you. Error E-01 is now considered to be a common fault that most Epson Printer users experience.

What is Epson Printer Error-01?

If a printer is unable to complete a self-testing job, Epson ‘s printer technicians call it an E-01 error. The manual declares the error to be “fatal.” Most users face the same problem. According to them, once the power is turned on, the printer begins testing the whole device.

Most of the time, the printer fails to self-test and starts displaying an error message sometime. This identifies that an error has occurred and needs to be corrected immediately. Sooner or later, when self-testing is done automatically, the printer will be ready to print again.

If you’re facing an issue on and off, either contact the tech support team by calling Epson or any other tech support service provider or take these steps to fix the error-01 of the printer on your own.

Here are common steps to be taken to fix the error-01 of the Epson Printers —

Step 1: Turn off your printer

Start with disconnecting the power cable on the wall outlet. Wait at least 5 minutes before turning the switch on. It is the most common and successful way to solve the error.

Step 2: Pay heed to the transportation locking process

Check that you have successfully removed the printer lock. Managing the lock is an easy method to make the printer work. So if it doesn’t work, move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Manage the CD tray.

If the printer’s CD tray is held in the eject position, then verify if you have pushed the CD player’s Tray Button to its actual storage location.

It is not necessary to push and pull the CD tray in the wrong direction. It could make the whole thing worse.

First, turn off the power to check if any paper is rolled up or jammed inside the printer.

The problem could be fixed by restarting the printer. If you still can’t seem to get rid of the error, go to Step 4.

Step 4: Check the Cartridge of the Printer

If the printer is installed with CISS, check if the cartridge moves flexibly from left to right. Also, verify that the upper scanner is tightly closed to fix the error formidably.

Step 5: Select a check-up process

If you find that none of the above tips will fix the error-01, check the printer thoroughly. If you find some obstacle, replace old cartridges with new Epson ink cartridges to make the printer work again.

Step 6: Clean all of the optical sensors

You should disassemble the printer to make the printer work again and clean all the optical sensors.


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