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One of the most common printer issues in Windows is that the printer spooler error affects the efficiency of most branded printers, and this is not excluded from the Epson range of inkjet printers. The spooler is a software program for Windows that temporarily stores print jobs on computer hard drives and spreads to the printing printer those print files as and when it is ready to write them.

However, the spooler service sometimes causes errors and affects printer productivity. In these cases, restarting the spooler service manually on Windows PC helps to solve the problem. This can be done on any printer, including one from Epson.

Steps to Fix Print Spooler Error for Epson Printers

  • Start your Windows PC. Ensure that you log in as an administrator while you start your system. You can only access the spooler service if you do that.
  • Once you log in to Windows, navigate to the Desktop Start button, and enter the Control Panel in the Search box.
  • Open the Search Results Control Panel and navigate to Administrative Tools. Double-click the Services shortcut. This will launch a new window containing a list of all available Windows local system services.

  • Scroll down to see the Printer Spooler service from the list and open it.
  • Click the Start Service link to the top left of the window to start the Epson print spooler manually. Again, if you see that the print spooler is running, you will need to click the Restart-Service link. Now, see whether or not the print spooler error on Windows PC has been fixed.

In addition to these steps, always ensure you have the Epson printer setup, and the up-to-date device driver enabled. Go to the web site support for Epson printers and search for drivers that only use your model name. Remember that the spooler error will start if you select the wrong pattern.

The print spooler without an error is a temporary problem on Windows, which can be fixed with these measures in most instances, but if you need Epson to help or backup, please contact the tech professionals.


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