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If you’ve been thinking about how to fix HP Envy Photo 7855 cartridge problem, there’s a may issue that can often come up. It is the Do Not Use Setup Cartridge Error that many users have also had to deal with.

A complete guide on how to fix cartridge problem Hp Envy Photo 7855

The HP Envy Photo 7855 printer can sometimes show this particular error message. Should not be alarmed when you do not use the blinking Setup Cartridge if you attempt to place ink cartridges in their respective slots. Here are the steps that you should be following in this regard:

  • In case the HP 64 setup Instant ink cartridge has already been put in place, remove the same with a lot of care and caution.
  • Make sure you use genuine HP Envy ink cartridges.
  • Disconnect the power cord and turn off the power supply.
  • Remove the USB cable if it is attached to the printer.
  • Wait for around 5 minutes, then press the power button.
  • Keep the power button on hold for around 30 seconds to ensure that the extra charge is removed.
  • Plug your power cord back into the outlet and wait for your printer to load.
  • Open the printer and place the suitable color-based slots in the Instant Ink cartridges.
  • Then you can try another print, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved!


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