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Canon printers at times show the 5200 error. This is the one, error might stop you from printing. If you are experiencing this error, then below are the methods that can help you resume printing operations.


Method 1- Reset your canon printer

You have to execute the reset of your printer in this process. The essential steps under this approach should be-

  1. Switch off the printer by clicking on the Power button.
  2. Pressing and holding down the stop button
  3. Press and hold the Power On button
  4. The stop/reset button needs to be released while the Power On button is held.
  5. When the Power On button is held, then the stop/reset button must be pressed twice.
  6. Once the Power On button is finished, it has to be released.
  7. Wait until the printer shows an “idle message” Typically this message will be shown in a minute.
  8. As the “idle” message appears, the top cover should be opened to show the cartridges.
  9. The cover for the holder of the cartridge is to be lifted, and the Black and Color cartridges are to be removed.
  10. The cover of the holder of the cartridge is to be returned.
  11. The printer has to be turned off.
  12. The top cover should be placed again, and the printer should be turned on.
  13. Once the printer initializes, the cartridges are to be returned.

Method 2- Installation of repair tools

You can fix this printer issue by installing a repair tool. These tools are readily available on a number of websites. They could either be paid, or they could be used free of charge. A special tool for fixing Canon printer error 5200 is also available. This particular tool has been developed by Microsoft and can even help to optimize the performance of your computer.

Method 3- Contacting the expert

If the above methods have not worked well and you are unable to resolve the error, you can contact the expert.

So follow the above methods and help your printer problem so that you can use your printer without interruption if and when you need it. It’ll help you learn how to fix Canon Printer Error 5200.


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