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The expectations of printer users are growing with gradual technological advancements. Wireless printing is a new buzz trend. There are countless advantages of wireless printing, which is why most users prefer to use wireless printers for their private or commercial purposes. Multiple computer access, remote printing, fast and high-end printouts, etc. are some of the top benefits of wireless printers. Some of the latest printers developed by Brother Printer are equipped with wireless technology. Still, in the recent past, many users have been confronted with connectivity issues and are continuing to add the same FAQ’s How to Fix Brother Print Error TS-02?” in multiple forums.

What are the reasons for Error TS-02?

  • The primary problem behind an error when the WLAN access point/router does not connect the MAC address of the Brother Printer.
  • Corruption of system files
  • Damaging of Windows system files
  • Uninstall and unfinished printer installation
  • When any hardware is wrongly removed from the system or is incompletely deleted from the system

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

Step 1

  • Check the connection of the printer to the WLAN access point/router

Step 2

  • Now link to the internet. Using a computer with an integrated LAN wireless system. This will check that the WLAN access point/router is working correctly.
  • You will have uninterrupted high-speed Internet access.
  • Without a proper internet connection, you will never set up a WLAN access point/router to print wirelessly, or even to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02.

Step 3

  • You can bring the printer near the WLAN access point while configuring the network setup.
  • Make sure that there is no such blockage in place so that the connection can be established without any interference or intrusion.
  • Keep the Brother printer temporarily within 3.3 ft of the WLAN access point.

Step 4

  • Is the WLAN access point/router used to filter the Ip addresses? Then check whether or not the MAC address in the printer is allowed.
  • You can easily find the Ip addresses from the Network Configuration List.

Step 5

  • Being a Brother Printer user, you may be conscious that the printer uses 2.4 GHz radio signals.
  • The TS-02 error is always noticeable while the system is running around 5GHz.
  • Visit the Control Panel and go to the Setup Wizard of your printer and mention the regular radio signals there so that you can experience the uninterrupted printing of your Brother Printer.

Step 6

  • Reconfirmation of the SSID is an efficient way to. the issue
  • Sometimes the manually provided security information and the SSID are incorrectly stored for which the disruption caused by the TS-02 has occurred.
  • Re-enter the right SSID information
  • Now, restart the Printer Brother
  • You can turn OFF the printer and restart the PC and all devices at a time to test if the issue persists.
  • If the error is visible, you need to contact the technician without further delay.


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