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Are you facing the issue of the printer? Receive an error message ‘Unable to xxx’ or an error code A5 on your Brother Printer? In the case of a mechanical malfunction such as a damaged drum unit, the error code A5 normally appears on the printer display. You may not be able to perform your scanning process smoothly while encountering this printer issue. Make your Printer work new by following the technical resolutions on How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code A5 below.

Cold Reset

Disconnect your Brother Printer from the power outlet. You are holding on 30 seconds. Connect back into the power cable and check the error code. When the message of error reappears, then take the next steps.

Blank Copy

Lift the top of the printer header and make sure there is no document on the flat glass scanner. Now click Copy, then select Start. If a blank page is printed on the printer, the issue is resolved. If you still get the error code, continue with more troubleshooting steps.

Driver Installation

Turn off the printer. Click on Control Panel to the Start menu. Click System Preferences to uninstall your Brother Printer. Go to the website of the manufacturer. Check your Brother Printer’s model number under Support and Download and install the latest version of the drivers. Please try scanning a document or fax it to a document. If this error persists, jump to the next steps.

Reset Drum Unit and Toner

Turn off your printer. To remove the drum unit and toners, open the front cover. Use the Green handle to bring the drum unit out to you before it stops. Remove the toner cartridges, too, though. Drum and toner cartridges should be put on a clean flat surface. Search for the grey lock and lift lever to unlock it. Lift the front of the drum and remove it from the frame with green handles. Now, you need to check the inside of the printer thoroughly for paper stuck or damaged parts. If all seems reasonable, but the drum and toner cartridges back in the printer and try running the unit. Turn on the printer and wait until ‘Ready’ is shown on display. If, however, the Brother Printer Error Code A5 still crops on the printer display are replaced by the drum unit.

Useful tips to be followed to avoid the recurrence of Brother Printer Error A5:

  • Avoid the use of flammable substances to clean the inside or outside of the printer.
  • Just keep the printer switched off, whether you are using it or not.
  • Keep the drum unit’s green handles even when you are holding it.
  • Never touch the electrodes to prevent the printer from being damaged by static electricity.

To get the printer fixed or replace the part, contact your brother printer technical help desk support number.


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