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Troubleshooting Tips on How to fix 900 Firmware Error on Lexmark Printers

Printers have been a blessing for professional and home-based users. Since the invention of multi-function printers, computers are considered to be the most useful device. There are a variety of brands available on the market and Lexmark, with its printers, is one of the most popular brands , especially for their flexible printing quality.

Have you ever used Lexmark printers? Have you been using the printers for years? Have you ever experienced a ‘900 firmware error’ on your Lexmark printer? It is a typical communication error that occurs on Lexmark printers when the printer receives information from a computer but is unable to print or perform other functions. In such a case, it is best to first contact your Internet Service Provider ( ISP) and verify your network link. If the internet connection works perfectly, there is a possibility of a printer hardware issue with a 900 firmware error with a lexmark printer.

Let’s solve the problem and see if it can be fixed quickly at home or at the office. Read on to find out how to fix a 900 firmware error for Lexmark printers

Update the firmware level of your printer

If the firmware code level on the Lexmark printer is out of date, it may not support the code loaded on the scanner communication card. You need to make sure that the firmware of the printer is at the P128 level.

  • Go to the Print Display Menu button.
  • Click on Reports.
  • Press the Menu Settings Page to start printing.
  • Under Device Information, search for information on the firmware level next to the Base.
  • If the code level is below P128, proceed to the next steps.
  • If the code level is P128 or above, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for advanced technical support.

Cross-checking using the Embedded Web Server (EWS)

  • Connect your printer to the Internet network using an Ethernet cable.
  • Launch Internet Explorer or go to Google Chrome.
  • Type the printer IP address in the browser address field.
  • Click on Reports.
  • In addition, click on System Information and check again whether the printer firmware is at the P128 level.

Download and Update the latest firmware code

  • Visit Lexmark Help website – support.lexmark.com.
  • On the left-hand side, click the Help & Download link.
  • In the Search window , select your printer model, e.g. Lexmark T652 or T652.
  • Click the Downloads tab and check for the new firmware update.
  • If you have a new version, press the Download button and save the file to your PC desktop.
  • Click the downloaded file, follow the instructions and install the updated printer firmware.
  • After the installation is complete, restart the PC

If there is still an error, it is recommended that you contact Lexmark Technical Support for expert assistance. Keep the form and serial number (SN) of your printer handy when calling the Lexmark printer support team.


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