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The Japanese have invented some very nice machines, which have been built to make our work simpler and more comfortable. Another of its products is the Canon Pixma printer, a multi-function device considered to be the ‘smart’ computer of the ‘modern’ era. However, it may be difficult for those who are not well aware of its uses to function and function.

Canon Printers are unique devices designed for the modern era that are made Cloud-ready, allowing different users access through the same printing machines, and thus proves to be a pocket-friendly device in offices where many employees could carry out their work through the same machine.

Even if the title of the article says How to Factory Reset Canon Pixma Mg3620 but here in this article what we’re going to discuss is the different steps by which you can learn how to reset Factory Canon Pixma Mg3620, how to power reset canon printer, and how to reset hard canon printer.

Canon Pixma Mg3620: If your Canon Pixma Mg3620 shows error messages then the following steps are the best way to do this.

How To Factory Reset Canon Pixma Mg3620:

Step 1 –Switch on your printer to locate the arrows for searching through the menu.
Step 2 – Find the Device settings and then click on OK.
Step 3 – Click the “Reset” tab and click OK to start the resetting process.

How to power reset canon printer: sometimes the operating system of your printer does not work very efficiently and all you need at that time is to reset it.

Follow the steps given below to power reset your Canon printer:

Step 1 – The printing device must be switched off and removed from the plug socket and the Ethernet cord to completely disconnect the connectivity.
Step 2 – Wait a few minutes, then plug the device in. Insert the Ethernet cable on, too.
Step 3 – Try a test print to make sure that the device is working properly and that the issue has been resolved.

How to hard reset canon printer: This setup allows you to restore your device to the default settings if the printing error persists.

Step 1 – Click the “Stop” button before the alarm starts.
Step 2 – After the alarm goes 19 times, you can release the ‘Start’ button. You’ll bring the printer to the factory settings by doing this.
Step 3 – Finally, uninstall the printer from your computer and reinstall it to set up a new, optimized computer.

Therefore, there were a few quick steps you need to take to fix printer related issues. Waiting for this article to be helpful to you as a guide to serve you at a time of need.


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