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If you face any printing problems unexpectedly, the printer’s faulty USB cable may be at fault. When the printer starts and stops as you push the USB cable, it is likely to cause a printing interruption. However, wait before purchasing a replacement for the existing printer USB cable and confirm whether it has operational faults in the following steps.

Measure its Length

Unless the printer’s USB cable is longer than 6 feet in length, the cable is likely to be a defective one. If you face printing delays, calculate the length of the printer’s USB cable and replace it with a shorter one only if needed.

Examine Physical Damages

Turn off the printer and unplug the connected cable from the USB ports. Check if there are damages to the USB cable, such as cuts or crimps. Also, the test that the point of the USB connector attached to the rest of the cable is secure. Replace it only if there are damages.

Confirm Cleanliness

Check if the cable connectors have accumulated dust or dirt next to the USB port of the Computer and the printing device too. If so, clean the connectors and ports with a handheld air duster.

Ensure Connection Is Right

It is recommended that the printer be connected to the PC without a USB hub or any other intermediate unit. Make sure both ends of the USB cable are securely inserted in the USB ports of your device. Turn to the scanner and seek a scanner. If the printer connection issues are not fixed, try changing the USB port on the device.

Reverse the USB Port

Connect a printer cable to another device or a different printer to a PC using the same cable to break the link as the underlying trigger or a defective USB cable. If it works well, be sure that it is not the fault of the cable.

If so, it was switching off both the Computer and the printer. Disconnect all USB devices, such as a USB mouse and keyboard. Restart the Computer and return the printer to see whether Windows is detecting new hardware. Test the Safely Delete Hardware icon below the screen in the notification panel. If it is present, it is unlikely that connectors or damaged USB cables cause the printing damage.


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