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You can easily connect Lexmark Printer to your computer by following the simple steps below.

Method 1: Connecting Lexmark Printer to Computer with CD

  • First, insert the installation CD on the disk drive of your computer.
  • If the Windows AutoPlay dialog appears, press Setup.exe to install the CD.
Note: If AutoPlay is not turned on, you need to start the installation by clicking the Start button- > My Computer- > DVD drive showing Lexmark.
  • Install the setup file will now appear on your computer.
  • Read the instructions and click the Install button.
  • If you want to change the archive of your target installation, just select Extract and Install it.
  • After a successful installation, please browse to make your changes.
  • When a User Account Control panel appears, click Continue.
Note: Control rights for administrators are necessary for a successful installation.
  • Now, choose the Install option and check the Accept License Agreement check box, and then press the Continue button. After that, click the Continue Security Notification link.
  • Choose the app you need to update, and then press Start.
  • Now, click No Thanks, and your printer software will start to install.
  • Now connect your Lexmark printer to your wireless network.
  • Attach the USB cable between your PC and your printer, and press Start.
  • After you connect the USB cable, additional notifications will appear. Just click Cancel or close the options.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and add a Lexmark printer to your computer.

Method 2: Connect the Lexmark printer to your computer without a CD

  • First, connect the same wireless network to your computer and Lexmark printer.
  • Click on the Start button, then proceed to the control panel and adjust the computer configuration. In the hardware category, pick ‘Add a new device.’ Ensure your Lexmark printer is ON and discoverable.
  • It now takes time to detect devices, and finally, the Lexmark Printer is identified and displayed on your screen.
  • Click on the name of your printer.
  • Click on the Proceed to install your printer driver following the instructions given. After successful installation, restart your computer to make both your computer and your printer changes.
  • If you don’t have the CD, go to the official Lexmark site and click for the model number of the device name then go to the download link section. Here you can get all drivers related to your Lexmark printer with the latest updates available. Download and install these files, and you will be ready to use the device.

Hopefully, these two methods will assist you in querying how Lexmark Printer can be connected to a computer using or without a CD.


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