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Handy information on how to connect Canon printer to WiFi without cable

How to connect Canon printer to WiFi without cable? Is that a question that is bugging you? Well, you can certainly do this without having to go through an incredibly complicated process. It would help if you conveniently linked your printer to your WiFi network, and printing should be possible as long as both your computer/device and your printer are linked to the same WiFi network. Printers have advanced considerably in recent times, and many of them use infrared or Bluetooth for connectivity, while some printers come with Ethernet ports and integrated wireless adapters.

Switch on the printer and scroll across the interface to make sure WiFi is on or off. Choose a wireless network, enter a password when you need it, and the IP address will be automatically removed from the printer’s network. However, not every printer can make it possible to select a different network or keyboard in a password.

There could be setup software, which means you have to run the same setup to find the network and then finish setting up the same setup. When the printer comes with an Ethernet port, it can be conveniently set up near a wireless switch or router. This will help you place the device on your WiFi network.

Whenever you attempt to set up a printer on your computer, the printer will be discovered, and the required drivers can be enabled. You can also connect a local printer (USB) to your laptop. When you get a port prompt, use the TCP / IP port to enter the printer’s IP address on Windows computers.

Connect Canon Printer to WiFi without cable

Suppose the printer only has a USB connection, and you want to connect to WiFi without a cable. You can use AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, or AirPort Time Capsule for Mac devices to connect the printer and share the same through the WiFi network. There are also a few NAS (network-connected storage) boxes with simple printer sharing.

Google Cloud Print is also an alternative that links a printer to the Internet. Google Chrome is required to sign up. From Settings, go to The Advanced Settings. You’ll find the Google Cloud Print option here and then select Add Printers. The printer must be cloud-ready, and if it is, it will be listed. Click Classic Printer to connect your regular old printer to your Google Account. The rest of them will be done quickly, indeed!


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