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In an Epson printer, print drivers start refusing to print when the level of the ink exceeds a certain level. Although there will be some ink in the cartridge, still it stops printing. If you have a spare cart before this case, then it’s all right, but if it’s not, you will be in trouble. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have a regular way to work with this limit, but there is still an easy way to know how to bypass Epson ‘s printer ink cartridge.

Method 1:Bypass Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer

  • Open your lid and keep down the ink button.
  • When the holder of the ink moves to its position, open the lid of the cartridge which has no ink and close it again, even without removing the cartridge.
  • Now close your lid and start printing.
  • This is a simple step that might help you bypass the ink cartridge. This method works on a printer model that does not have a microchip on the cartridge to control the ink level.

Most of the Epson inkjet printers come with a metering system that sends an alert message to the user when the cartridges are running low on ink. The present microchip will shut down the printer and will not allow printing until a new cartridge is installed.

Yet in the cartridge, you’ll find that there’s already some ink that can be used for printing before you get a new one. Because cartridges are very expensive, it’s better to use the remaining ink with any trick. By playing a method, we will make the printer believe that a new cartridge has been installed, and the residual ink will be used. Let’s have a brief discussion about some of the other methods used by Bypass Ink Cartridge.

Method 2: Move the printer cartridge:

  • Keep the printer power on, remove the printer cover and pause until the carriage stops moving back and forth.
  • Now, bring out all the printing cartridges by pressing the tabs present at the short end of each cartridge and lift them straight out.
  • Now turn off the printer and wait a while until the printer shut down completely. Now remove the printer plug from the main power source and wait some time, allowing the printer ‘s memory time to be reset.
  • Now shake each cartridge for a while to redistribute the ink inside.
  • Hold the cartridges inside the printer in the same order as they were removed, and then attach the printer to the power source.

Method 3: Cartridge resetting

Carefully remove the printer cartridge in the same way as defined in method two and then test the end of the cartridge containing the copper contacts. There is a button for resetting in some printer models just above the contacts in the center, using the end of a paper clip or other such objects to press the reset button carefully. Once you have reset every cartridge, you can every it in its place. The printer could accept them as if they were new cartridges.


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