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Network printers only send print jobs to the default printer connected wirelessly to the laser printer. Sometimes users send a print job thinking they’ve sent it to their computer, but if another printer is set to the PC by default, you might need to fix it. Don’t click the off button to stop printing the print job on the printer spooler, because the next time you turn it on, the laser printers will resume printing the digital file.

Steps to Clear Printer Setting Errors

Right-click instead on the printer icon shown on the Windows PC 10 desktop and choose a network printer from the next screen. After that, cancel the printer spooler or other program document that handles print jobs sent on Windows OS to the printer. Please wait a while for the print spooler to cancel the printing queue. You can then turn the laser printer on without wasting precious paper. The printer spooler lets you print digital files according to your priorities, which also appears to apply to the cancelation of a print command.

To Change the Default Printer on Windows 10 PC

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Change The Default Printer

When you set an ‘X’ printer on your computer by default and send the printer job to a different impression driver that you have previously installed on the PC, a printer will not be printed, and an error may appear on Windows 10. To solve problems, open Screen Start and navigate to Settings > Devices in the next window. Make sure that you access and disable Printers & Scanners let Windows manage my default printer. Turn the spot off and not on.

Changing this on Windows 10 is essential because if the icon is on, the OS will automatically configure the printer to the computer (by default). When my default printer option is turned off on Windows 10, let Windows handle, the operating system will allow you to send the print job back to the assigned laser printer. Essentially, this means that only the printer that is configured can print the document. This is not necessarily a printer error that requires the troubleshooting steps of tech professionals, but rather a choice of the correct settings.


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