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The transfer roller is one main component of a laser printer that transmits and imprints the Toner from the cartridge drum. The transfer drum is charged electrically with the opposite polarity to move the toner particles into the laser beamline. The toner particles are then transferred to the paper in a specified pattern to recreate a text or photograph. Some of the issues with laser printers are due to the inability of the roller to work.

A faulty transfer roller causes the printer to display some warning signs. It is always advisable to pay attention to such signs to decide whether or not the transfer drum caused the problem. It is also advisable to rely on a skilled technician to fix the transmission drum issues. Below are some warning signs indicating an erroneous transmission roller in a laser printer.

Recurrent Paper Jams

Recurrent paper jams are likely to be caused by the failure of the transfer roller. A failed transfer roller can prevent a proper intake of the paper. This causes it to lose its position and to get stuck inside, creating a paper jam. The instructions in the printer manual can clear this, but it is recommended to leave it to a technician.

Squealing Noise

The other common sign of a malfunctioning transfer roller is the presence of squealing noises when the printer is working. Usually, this is the result of a misaligned or broken transfer roller. The simple misalignment of the transfer roller can be quickly cleared by reference to the printer manual. If the roller is broken, replace it with a printer technician.

Printer Driver Is Unavailable

Common Printer Issues

Foul Smell

The emission of a foul and unpleasant smell during printing is another sign of a defective roller of the transfer. It is usually caused by the accumulation of dirt on sensitive roller surfaces. Simple cleaning with a soft cloth or compressed air can generally solve the problem.

Fade of Printouts

A faulty transfer roller can deliver faded prints in text or image without legibility. A dirty roller typically causes this, and a soft wipe will restore regular print quality over the roller surface. The drum surface is highly sensitive and should be cautioned for this cleaning.

Spots in Printouts

If the printout contains spots and streaks in different areas, this is a sure sign of a faulty transfer roller. Wiping the roller surface and carrying out many test printouts can somehow solve the problem. It is recommended, however, that an expert printer technician be contacted to have it serviced to restore regular printing.


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