Canon Printer Error Codes-hy58

Those who use the Canon printer know that problems occur regularly and can be connected to software or hardware. If you take this to a canon printer repair service center, the issue will be referred to as the printer error code. Therefore, different error codes are essential to know and understand. The following is a list of error codes for the canon printer.

Error Code E13, 16: This error code indicates that the ink cartridge is running out or empty. This can be resolved by replacing it with a new cartridge compatible with the model of the particular printer.

Error Code U162, 163: The error code shows the ink cartridges are empty. Also when the cartridge is removed, you can troubleshoot the cartridge by pressing STOP / RESUME / RESET for 10 seconds. You let the printer know by doing this that you are aware of the problem and want to print anyway. Once you have finished the above procedure, you can print normally.

Error Code 1686, 1688: The printer ink cartridge is running out of ink and must be replaced immediately.

Error Code E04: The printer cartridge is installed incorrectly, and you need to fix the problem. First, pull the output tray extension back and then remove the cover. Then you remove the cartridges and reinstall them correctly before you hear the sound of the click. Close the cover now and resume printing.

Error Code E05: When this error code occurs, an orange light blinks five times and shows that either the print head is not correctly installed or installed.

Error Code E07: This error code will appear when a tricolour Canon ink cartridge is incorrectly installed. Also, only the original canon ink cartridges will display this message. So, to avoid this, you need to install two types of cartridges in their appropriate slots.

Error Code E14: If the error code occurs, an orange light blinks 14 times, and the printer does not enable the ink cartridge. This may also happen when you buy an ink cartridge for the printer sold in a different region.

Error Code E15: If the printer does not recognize the ink cartridge, this error code will appear. It can be resolved by opening the cover and ensuring that the cartridge is inserted correctly.

Error Code 1486, 1487: The error code shows that the ink cartridge is installed in the wrong position. It is fixed by checking and reinstalling the cartridge codes.

These are some of the printer error codes that are displayed when your Canon printer won’t print. If you have an idea about these error codes, you might be able to fix some of them on your own. Happy printing!


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