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When you use expensive printer ink cartridges, you want it to work effortlessly to meet the expected print quality or print volume. Ink cartridge problems may also be overcome or prevented by taking care of how to use them. This is one of the common issues that printer users often encounter. Sometimes this may be as infuriating as the offline status of a printer and will have to troubleshoot it with “How to turn your printer online” guides.

How can one use a printer without a working cartridge or some other component that is not working because of the problem? These tips and tricks can help with troubleshooting issues related to printer cartridges.

Steps to Fix Cartridge Not Working

If the new cartridge that you installed in your printer is not compatible with the unit, you will probably get an error on your computer screen that shows that your cartridge does not work. You should see an error, depending on the model of your printer, that suggests your cartridge is not recognized or empty and will not be print.

If you find this kind of error on your computer, try taking out the cartridge and putting it back in your printer to see if it solves the problem. If not, there might be a problem with the chip of your new cartridge. If this is the case, and everything else fails to fix any of the cartridge related errors, contact the retailer that sold the cartridge to you for refund or replacement. Top branded printers or printers advise users to rely on genuine company cartridges to avoid potential print quality problems or anything else in that respect.

Tips to Resolve Clogged Print Heads

Initiating a cleaning cycle on your printer is the perfect way to clear the blockage of your print heads. More often than not, this setting can be found in the printer menu. However, it is best to refer to the user manual for specific steps applicable to your printer 006Dodel. Not all of the printers have the exact mechanism.

It is worth noting that, if you use third-party ink, it will not have the exact wording as the authentic ink of your printer manufacturing company. Unless there is a distinct quality, it can contribute to the printing of the head clogs. Consequentially, you will get printouts with missing colors or dots in them.

How To Turn Printer Online

When your printer uses a three-colored cartridge, the print head is likely to be fitted with the same form of a blended color cartridge. In which case, instead of a new cartridge, you can replace the clogged one with a print head. Nevertheless, if the print head is part of your printer and you can not resolve the problem, you can need a print head replacement. This means that the purchase of a new printer may be more affordable than the repair of a cartridge with the assistance of a technician.

Troubleshoots for Leaking Ink Cartridges

In the case that the ink cartridge of your printer may not form a fine seal when you install it, air will get in as well as stop the cartridge from working correctly, or it may leak. Sometimes, you can fix a poor cartridge seal by replacing it and put back in your printer, but don’t press it too hard or it might damage the device.

In the case that a manufacturer says that a cartridge is compatible with a printer, you can still have recourse if it leaks. A cartridge leak doesn’t automatically mean that the ink is all over the place. Your printer may not be working, so open it, and you may see a little ink on the cartridge. This problem may be a bit more frequent with third-party ink cartridges than with authentic manufacturer cartridges.


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