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Multifunction printers are very important in any office. A problem or an error with them is enough to make you suffer from both money and time. So, it’s essential to realize the problem that can happen to your multifunction printers, and how to deal with it like a pro. Below are several can office printer issues and ways to resolve them in an effective workspace.

Connection Problem

One of the most common problems with printers is the problem of contact. In this case, your printer will lose the ability to connect to your PC or other devices. You must find the root cause to address the problem. There are several reasons for this connection error, and below are the steps you need to take to detect the actual issue.

  • Make sure your printer is connected correctly and switched on.
  • Try to reset the printer by shutting it down. There are also cases where the printer operates well after it has been restarted.
  • Check your printer for any warning or error messages. Also, make sure you have a secure network link to your computer.
  • Make sure there is enough toner in the printer, and there is sufficient media on the selected paper tray.
  • When your printer does not copy and scan but print, there is a good probability that the problem is with your network link or your computer. So, check your computer’s printer driver to make sure you have the new version installed.

Low Printing Speed

This is a major issue if your office is based on a printer for large printing jobs. However, you can quickly fix this problem by making some necessary changes, such as those discussed below.

Network Speed

Troubleshooting Printer Problems
Low Printing Speed

Check your network connection to see if sending your print jobs to your PC takes a long time. Many people connect via Wi-Fi to their printer. When you have a bad signal or an outdated network protocol, it will impact the print speed. Attempt to increase your signal quality by updating or repositioning your router.

Print Quality

Many printers use default high-quality printing mode, affecting print quality and speed. Switch your mode to the regular or draft mode to boost your printer efficiency and save your money quickly. The image quality is not as good here as in a high-resolution mode.

Upgrade your Multifunction Printer

Modify your multifunction printer to the latest version to increase your printing speed. The new models can print hundreds of pages per minute and deliver numerous other features of security and productivity.


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