Saturday, January 29, 2022
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How to Connect Canon MX490 Printer to Wifi

Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Office Printer is also a copier and a scanner. It is thanks to its exceptional connectivity options and the ability to keep the printer in places with a 30% reduction compared to previous versions of MX that it is so popular today. With available Google Cloud Print and Air Print technologies, [...]

how to connect canon pixma MG3000 printer to wifi

Setting up a Canon Pixma MG3000 printer is quite easy. To start with, one can use the CD Rom that comes with the printer or also follow the instructions on the Canon website to redo the setup. Then, perform the settings on the Network Settings screen on the IJ Network Device Setup Utility. Setup canon [...]
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how to connect ipad air to canon printer

Are you having problems connecting your Canon Printer to the iPad Air? Here we offer an easy solution to this issue. A complete guide on connecting the Apple iPad Air canon...

how to connect hp printer to iphone

iOS platform is an ever-intriguing one. With every year’s amazing updates, fans only get a great opportunity to get their hands on an enhanced platform with their iPhone devices. Undoubtedly, iPhone’s hype seems to be quite understandable. Besides other features, you can even connect your HP printer on your iPhone. Do you want an answer [...]
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how to connect Dell E310DW printer to wifi

Facing problem while connecting your Dell E310DW Printer to Wifi? Read this article. You can know simple steps to connect Dell E310DW Printer to Wifi network here. The Dell E310DW Printer comes with built-in wifi connectivity and automatic two-sided printing. You can easily connect your Dell E310DW to the wireless network via wifi protected setup [...]
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How to Fix Issues Printing to an HP LaserJet Pro Printer via AirPrint

  How to Fix Issues Printing to an HP LaserJet Pro Printer via AirPrint Common Printer Issues If you come across any issues while printing from an Apple device connected to a network to an HP LaserJet Pro model printer using the AirPrint feature, then try the following troubleshooting steps. Check if your Devices or [...]
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Basic Steps to Troubleshoot HP Wireless Printer Shown as Offline

  Basic Steps to Troubleshoot HP Wireless Printer Shown as Offline Troubleshoot HP Wireless Printer If an HP printer is connected to a wireless network, and the connection drops while printing, its status will be listed as offline on the PC. However, you can follow the basic troubleshooting steps for HP printer not connecting issue [...]
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How to set up a canon mg3222 wireless printer

There are several things to know when it comes to a common query, namely how to Canon MG3222 wireless printer setup. The Canon Pixma MG3222 is an all-in-one wireless printer that is known for superior quality and convenient scanning and printing from virtually anywhere at home. Here are some of the things to keep in [...]
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How to resolve Common Wireless Printer problems

  How to Fix Common Wireless Printer Issues Disable Antivirus Programs In today’s digitally competitive world, doing business while you are on the go with your tablet and smartphone is necessary. This is why computer users have started to use wireless printers instead of normal ones. Most wireless printers allow users to print out documents, [...]
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Four Ways for Printing Remotely

  4 Ways for Printing Remotely Common Printer Issues Some think remote printing is hard, and it sometimes is. However, it does not always have to be that way. Remote printing is basically a simple matter of printing to a machine placed down the hall, or even on the other side of the globe. Following [...]


A Simple Guide to Managing Printers in Windows 10

  A Simple Guide to Managing Printers in Windows 10 Common Printer Issues Windows 10 has a Settings window to configure printers, although you can also use the previous Control Panel interface or tools for that. That will help you to install and configure printers, manage print jobs, and help with troubleshooting. Steps to Add [...]