HP Printer Error 49.38.07 pof

How To Fix HP Printer Error 49.38.07

Do you own an HP printer? HP printers are renowned for their well-established brand name and are not only affordable but also impart a highly efficient printing. But as machines are bound to error, so what to do if an error code 49.38.07 displays on the screen of your HP printer? This error code usually [...]
Ricoh Printer not Printing Error- pof

How to Fix Ricoh Printer not Printing Error

You have had a really hard day at work. It is time to go back home and relax over a pint of beer with your friends. But the last important task of the day that you thought would be a piece of cake is slowly turning into a mystery of Sherlock Holmes. Your printer is [...]
900 firmware error img pof

How to Fix 900 firmware error lexmark printer

Troubleshooting Tips on How to fix 900 Firmware Error on Lexmark Printers Printers have been like a blessing for professional and home-based users. With the invention of multi-function printers, it is considered the most useful device, after computers. There are a variety of brands available in the market and among the most popular brands stands [...]
Error 0XC18A0001 img-pof

How to Fix HP Printer Error 0XC18A0001

Fixing the HP Printer Error 0XC18A0001 is a very hectic task. If you want to resolve HP Printer Error 0XC18A0001 on your own, then you must have complete knowledge on how to fix HP Printer Error 0XC18A0001. To help you in this matter, here we have described the detailed process to resolve the HP Printer [...]
Brother Printer Error A6 img-pof

How to Fix Brother Printer Error A6

Here is a common hardware problem faced by people who use Brother Printer Error A6. You might have received that very common ‘Error A6’ many times while printing that important word document for a meeting. To recall, it’s the error message that you see on the LCD screen of your inkjet printer that reads: “Unable [...]
Brother Printer Error Check Connection img-pof

How to fix Brother Printer Error Check Connection

Have you ever received an error message ‘Check Connection ‘on the LED screen of your Brother Printer while scanning a document? Have you faced such a problem even when the print command is working fine and the printer is receiving commands on your wireless connection?  The error message “Check Connection” usually arrives when you are scanning [...]
HP Printer Error C4EBA341 img-pof

How To Fix HP Printer Error C4EBA341

Updated Windows 10 on your computer? Receiving a blue screen on your printer device? Is your HP Photosmart printer frequently crashing? All these are symptoms of the HP Printer Error C4EBA341. Error C4EBA341 on HP printers usually occurs because of a printer spooler malfunction, improper installation of the printer driver or corrupt registry files. Now [...]
Canon Printer Error 5200 img-pof

How To Fix Canon Printer Error 5200

Canon printers at times show the 5200 error. This error can stop you from printing. If you are experiencing this error then below are methods that can help you resume printing activity. Method 1- Reset your canon printer- In this method, you have to perform resetting of your printer. The necessary steps under this method are- [...]
HP Printer Error 13.20.00 IMG POF

How to Fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00

It is very common that you will face Error 13.20.00 “Jam in Top Cover Area” message at least once while using the HP Printer. You have no need to worry about this problem. Although it is a fatal error, you can fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00 on your own by just following the simple steps [...]
Printer Error Sc 542 img pof

How To Fix Ricoh Aficio SP 3510dn Printer Error Sc 542

Ricoh is one of the most reliable and genuine brands when it comes to printers. It has been manufacturing high-quality printers at reasonable rates equipped with an incredible user experience. However, many time printers can succumb to specific errors and glitches which can be quickly resolved. So, if you are searching for an article on [...]


Troubleshooting Steps to Clear Printing Errors in a Receipt Printer

If you are trying to print receipts in a USB printer in a POS system, follow the below troubleshooting steps to fix a connectivity error or a possible printing issue. Restart the Browser When you are trying to print a web page, click the three horizontal lines to the top-right or the menu button and [...]