Saturday, January 29, 2022
How to Fix Hp Printer Error 60.02-pof

How to Fix Hp Printer Error 60.02

Are you facing the error called 60.02 and are clueless regarding what to do?  Here are some simple techniques which you can use to rectify this error. Causes of HP printer error 60.02 : This error happens when the tray of the printer is unable to lift, and the paper sensor has not been put [...]
HP Printer Error 13.B2.D2

How to Fix HP Printer Error 13.B2.D2

If your HP printer is showing error code 13.B2.D2 every time when you try to print from tray 2, then you might find this article helpful. Here, you can know how to fix HP Printer Error 13.B2.D2 in a step by step process you can employ on your own. Follow this article correctly and eliminate [...]
Ricoh Printer Error 91 img-pof

How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error 91

Ricoh printers are one of the multipurpose printers designed with a sole purpose to meet household printing requirements, all small office and big office requirements. It is very simple to use and provides superior quality printing experience. But in some instances that too because of our silly mistakes in operation and connection or maybe also due [...]
Epson Printer Error Code 0X97 img pof

How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0X97

Did your printer stop working suddenly and now shows Epson Error Code 0X97? Don’t panic. Here you will get the solution to your problem. In this article, you can know how to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0X97 by yourself. Just follow the troubleshooting steps in the given sequence and repair your Epson Printer with [...]

How to resolve Out of Paper Error on a Printer

  How to Troubleshoot the Out of Paper Error on a Printer Common Printer Issues While printing something, do you come across an error that indicates printer is out of paper or something likewise? It maybe that the printer has run out of paper as the error suggests, but it can be a malfunction if [...]
Error 0x00000709 img-pff45

How to Fix Error 0x00000709 in Windows

  How to Fix Error 0x00000709 in Windows Common Printer Issues Error 0x00000709 denotes a situation, when a user cannot configure a default printer in Windows or a different printer to one that has been already configured as default. A glitch in Windows Registry settings may cause the error to pop up or the situation [...]
fix 52 Scanner error HP LaserJet m1522nf-pof


How to fix 52 Scanner error HP LaserJet m1522nf is a common question that people are asking in recent times. If you were wondering on this count, fret not! There are quite a few solutions that may work in this regard. What you should do is be patient and try to fix the problem with [...]
Internal Error 0x50-pof

How to Fix HP Printer Error Internal Error 0x50

One of the most common errors faced by HP printer users is the internal error 0x50. Because users often face this error, here is a quick guide on how to fix HP printer error internal error 0x50. Read the following article to resolve the issue with absolute ease. In case, you need further assistance; you [...]
900 firmware error img pof

How to Fix 900 firmware error lexmark printer

Troubleshooting Tips on How to fix 900 Firmware Error on Lexmark Printers Printers have been like a blessing for professional and home-based users. With the invention of multi-function printers, it is considered the most useful device, after computers. There are a variety of brands available in the market and among the most popular brands stands [...]
Lexmark x5650 Cartridge Error-pof

How to Fix Lexmark x5650 Cartridge Error

The Lexmark X5650 cartridge error can bug some users from time to time but there is nothing to be overly worried about and can be often solved with some simple troubleshooting.   The problem could be a result of a connection failure between one of the cartridges and the AIO. One of the printheads might [...]


How To Fix the Printer in Error State Issue

  How To Fix the Printer in Error State Issue Error State Issue If you are a computer user who has long been using the printer in his/her office to print a number of documents, then you must have encountered a “Printer in Error State” error at least once in your life. Several people who [...]