Thursday, February 25, 2021
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How to Fix Windows Can’t Connect to Printer Error

  How to Fix the Windows Cannot Connect to Printer Error Common Printer Issues While sending documents or print jobs to a network printer, people at times come across an error message that says Windows cannot connect to the printer. Sometimes that is accompanied by an Access is Denied error message, while other times, only [...]
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The primary occurrence of HP Printer Error 0XC18A0106 is the HP PhotoSmart Printer. This error is usually due to outdated cartridges. HP Printer Error Code 0XC18A0106 states that the ink system...
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How to Fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00

It is very common that you will face Error 13.20.00 “Jam in Top Cover Area” message at least once while using the HP Printer. You have no need to worry about this problem. Although it is a fatal error, you can fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00 on your own by just following the simple steps [...]
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How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error 91

Ricoh printers are one of the multipurpose printers designed with a sole purpose to meet household printing requirements, all small office and big office requirements. It is very simple to use and provides superior quality printing experience. But in some instances that too because of our silly mistakes in operation and connection or maybe also due [...]
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How to Fix Printer Print Two Copies Error

  How to Fix Printer is Printing Two Copies Error Common Printer Issues Most of the businesses in the country heavily rely on computer printers to meet their daily work target and monthly business goals. Today, any business that is trying to survive without a printer and a computer is often considered old-fashioned, by both [...]
Hp Printer 6835 Printhead Error

How To Fix Hp Printer 6835 Printhead Error

The worst failure of the printer is a print head function which often makes us impatient. This article will guide you in resolving the issue easily in a step by step manner. Find Out How To Fix Hp Printer 6835 Printhead Error Using different cartridges other than HP ink or toner supplies creates such print [...]
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how to fix epson printer error 0xfa

Are you infuriated by the Epson Error 0XFA on your machine? Don’t know how to fix it? Don’t panic. Here you will find steps to help you in resolving this issue. In this article, we have outlined a detailed process on how to fix Epson Printer Error 0XFA on your own. Just follow these troubleshooting [...]
How to Fix Epson Printer Error Codes

How to Fix Epson Printer Error Codes

Epson is a globally acknowledged popular brand manufacturing diverse printers from Inkjet to LaserJet and the recently popular wireless printers of various shapes, size, configurations, etc. Epson so far has achieved the goodwill of connecting to all systems supporting diverse OS and configuration for an excellent printing experience. But at times, users come up with [...]
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HP LaserJet Error Codes 20 – 49

Below are error codes for the HP LaserJet series, for codes ranging from 20-49.  Please note the explanations are general descriptions for ALL LaserJets, often more detailed info will be available if you search for a specific error code on a specific model (e.g. "50.9 error LaserJet 3000") Message on printer display What it means [...]
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How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0X97

Did your printer stop working suddenly and now shows Epson Error Code 0X97? Don’t panic. Here you will get the solution to your problem. In this article, you can know how to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0X97 by yourself. Just follow the troubleshooting steps in the given sequence and repair your Epson Printer with [...]


How To Reset Canon Pixma Printer

Is your Canon Pixma printer facing an error? Here is a handy guide for you on how to reset Canon Pixma printer. Sometimes a quick reset is all your printer requires to solve a significant error or an issue. Every Pixma model features a slightly different factory reset procedure. However, all share a lot of [...]