Inkjet Printer issue-55536

Inkjet printers are frequently prone to several issues affecting the quality of their printouts. The appearance of white lines in prints is a frequently reported issue for most users. It can interfere with printing and make it incapable of being used for any kind of business purpose or school presentation. Several faults with the printer could cause these white lines to form on the prints. Below are a few steps to fix white lines in inkjet printers.

Execute Printer Head Cleaning

The appearance of white lines on the printouts is caused by the clogging of the microscopic pores of the printer head. An effective way to resolve this issue is by using the head cleaning feature that comes with the printer’s software utility. Several options will be available in most printer utility software such as head cleaning, head alignment, printer head deep cleaning, nozzle testing, etc.

Execute the cleaning of the printed head to clear all the blocks in the print head automatically and allow the free spray of the ink on the paper. After the print head cleanup is finished, check whether the white lines are resolved by printing the test page. If the issue persists, get a printer head service from a professional printer support service.

Clean The Ink Cartridges

Clean The Ink Cartridges

Manually Clean the Ink Cartridges

The other way to fix the occurrence of white lines in printouts is by manually cleaning the ink cartridges. To do this, open the front tray and wait for the head to align automatically to the front portion. Extract the cartridge from the printer head carefully and first search physically for visible damage. If physical damage is found, have it replaced with a new cartridge.

Mostly, white lines are caused by the drying of the ink inside the cartridge. For this purpose, use a cotton swab to gently wipe the nozzle to clear any dried ink and to facilitate the free flow of ink. Shaking the cartridge will also release any dried ink or blockages and fix the problem. Run a test print to verify if the issue is fixed.

Adjust Printer Settings

Improper setting of a printer on a computer is another reason for white lines to appear. In some cases, adjusting the settings to its default or optimum values may resolve issues related to the quality. Look for print quality settings and, if set in the design, change it to the standard for quality printing with less use of printing ink. If these steps do not work, replace the ink cartridge or call the printer tech support to help solve the problem.


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